Loans are an efficient way to support investment, growth and cash flow – many businesses have them. Have you thought about how you would service this loan if the business owner or a person who the business relies on, were to suffer a serious illness or pass away.

How can business loan protection help you?

Lenders may have the right to demand that the business pays back any outstanding loans. These could be difficult to pay off at short notice.

Some business loans may also have personal guarantees, if the business fails due to the death or illness of an owner or key employee and the business doesn’t have the funds to repay the loan, the guarantee could be used by the bank and put personal assets, including the owner’s home, at risk.

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Questions to consider
  • Who does your business rely on for contribution to turnover, client introductions, operations management?

  • With the ongoing epidemic, would your business be affected if a key employee were taken ill or even worse?

  • What plans do you have in place if this were to happen?

  • In view of the difficult economic climate, would you be able to retain clients / keep employees motivated / repay loans?

  • How would you keep control of your business if something happened to one of your partners?

  • Is any debt adequately covered should the worst happen?

  • And what about the families… can they maintain their standard of living without support from the business?

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