While the world worries about the existential risks (will robots destroy the human race?), it’s our job to protect your business in the here and now as you push forward the boundaries of technology.


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AI/Artificial Intelligence is already delivering game-changing benefits in inventory management, forecasting, faster diagnoses, order fulfilment, manufacturing processes and robotics.

With very big data increasingly accessible and available, the tidal wave of Knowledge Work Automation is predicted to impact the global economy by $5-7 trillion per annum. But with new opportunity comes new risk; AI gone wrong could have disastrous consequences.

Specialist AI insurance is designed with Artificial Intelligence in mind. We understand the risks and pressures you face in this highly specialised and emerging market. We can support you with bespoke insurance protection from start-up to IPO – when your shares will be traded by algorithmic high-frequency AI traders.

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We thought that we had exhausted all options for our type of business. They completely understood the field we operated in and provided us with new options – and then shopped around for us to get a better price.


Sue L

Life Sciences Client


Thank you so much for dealing with this so quickly and efficiently. What a rare pleasure it is to come across someone who gets things done without any fuss!


Mr P

Private Client


Working with [Partners&] brings a feeling of complete confidence. The decision to move our contract was made very simple, it was based purely on the sheer of joy of the professionalism of their service. Not to mention that we saved over £3000 in the process!


Rosie T



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