Partners& will take the time to understand your enterprise and the myriad risks it faces. As an active member of the Institute for Nanotechnology, we take an interest in the insurance challenges facing companies working in this space, helping them to build tailored insurance solutions that protect IP, employees, investors, income streams and liabilities.


Why do you need specialist insurance?

The micro/nanotechnology industry is creating a paradigm shift in the way in which risk is assessed, managed and insured. Unfortunately, the sector is poorly understood by many  insurance companies and brokers, making it difficult for companies to connect with the right advice.

Working in this exciting sector involves unusual risk in areas of product liability as well as environmental and occupational health & safety. These risks can be indeterminate and are constantly evolving – often leaving you uncomfortably exposed without proper nanotech insurance.

Early identification of insurable risks can positively impact the commercial potential of your work. Does your broker know their CNTs from their quantum dots, or their TEM from their SEM?

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Who needs specialist nanotech insurance?
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