The advent of Fintech has disrupted archaic markets, flustered regulators and created a brave new world of risk for its participants. From smart wallets and financial software to next-generation algorithms, we’ve got you covered. Whatever region of the Fintech universe you occupy, let us help you protect your business by controlling risks facing your business.

Why work with a team dedicated to your sector?

The promise of Fintech is plain to see, but working in this new environment exposes you to new types of risk. Heavy reliance on data, technology and infrastructure, changes in regulatory structures (including PSD2) and the shadowy threat of cyber risks heap unpredictability and uncertainty on any new entrant to this space. That’s why you need insurance advice and protection from people who understand your sector.

What if…?

  • Your technology fails, leaving customers up in arms?
  • Your network gets hacked, compromising users’ data?
  • The regulator kicks off an investigation into your activities?
  • A cyber attack hits your revenues?
  • A hacker tries to extort money from you by threatening a denial of service attack?
  • Your C-suite faces legal action from disgruntled shareholders or investors?

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PSD2 is an update to the EU’s Payment Services Directive. It applies to a broad range of Fintech activities and businesses, including AISPs (Account Information Service Providers) and PISPs (Payment Initiation Service Providers). PSD2 is enforced in the UK by the FCA.

Currently, only a minority of UK insurers are providing insurance that complies with PSD2 regulation, Payment Services Regulation 2017.

Here are a few of the liabilities PSD2 requires you to insure:

  • Payment service provider’s liability for unauthorised payment transactions (Article 73)
  • Payment service providers’ liability for non-execution, defective or late execution of payment transactions (Article 89)
  • Liability in the case of payment initiation services for non-execution, defective or late execution of payment transactions (Article 90)
  • Right of Recourse (Where the liability of a payment service provider under Articles 73 and 89 is attributable to another payment service provider or to an intermediary, that payment service provider or intermediary shall compensate the first payment service provider for any losses incurred or sums paid under Articles 73 and 89.)

Full guidelines of your liability are available on the FCA website, but you can also talk to one of our expert insurers

According to the FCA, PSD2 is relevant for firms who are currently FCA authorised, as well as firms seeking authorisation. This includes:

  • All existing payment service providers (PSPs), including banks, building societies, credit card providers, money remitters and e-money issuers.
  • A range of firms that are not currently required to be FCA-authorised or regulated, including firms that:
    • provide services that are currently exempt from regulation because of the limited network, ‘digital download’ or commercial agent exemptions
    • provide, or plan to provide, account information and/or payment initiation services

If you’re in any doubt over your professional indemnity insurance and its PSD2 compliance, we’d be happy to review your existing cover.

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