Insurance for medtech businesses is highly specialist, and the right advice can really make a difference. Covid-19 has only accelerated digital healthcare’s surge in transforming the way we treat patients and develop cures – from artificial intelligence to remote patient monitoring and interactive telemedicine services. Our insurance advice is as individual as your science

Why do medtech businesses need specialist insurance?

Medtech businesses bridge both the healthcare and technology sectors, so they are open to a wide range of emerging and traditional risks. Partners& works with cutting-edge innovators across e-health, telemedicine, next-generation health apps, remote patient monitoring tools (for care homes and domestic settings), artificial intelligence, ePharmacies and bespoke medical records software.

Our specialist insurance protection for medtech businesses includes:

  • Protection from liability for bodily injury arising from negligent acts – but also from cyber events, system outages, technology failure and medical/wellness service provision
  • Technology errors and omissions insurance: for the supply, development, installation and maintenance of technology in healthcare delivery, as well as for breach of contract
  • Cover against products failing to perform eg: for financial loss relating to wearable technology and self-monitoring healthcare devices
  • Cyber and privacy insurance tailored for digital healthcare companies including protection against the costs of extortion, fines and penalties, and initial breach response services
  • Media liability
  • General liability, employers’ liability and legal expenses

The Partners& Science & Technology team can help you protect your business with smart, flexible, high-performance insurance – with a friendly human UI. We understand the risks and pressures you face and we’ll support you with great advice, helping you make the right decisions for your business.

Our intelligent approach combines expert risk management with tailored insurance solutions to secure highly competitive policies with specialist insurers. We’ll act as your advocate – negotiating terms, cover and claims with our panel of specialist underwriters.

Contact us now to talk through your business plan and the protection you need.

Who needs specialist MedTech insurance?
  • Medical Technology

  • Healthcare IT

  • E-health

  • Medical robotics

  • Artificial intelligence

  • Telehealth/telemedicine

  • mHealth providers

  • Lifestyle & wellness

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