Providing the opportunity for your staff & employees to proactively manage and maintain their health is so important. Whether it’s taking preventative measures or obtaining the best specialist treatment, Private Medical Insurance is a valuable benefit.

Why your business needs Employee Medical Insurance?

When the health of your people is at risk you want to do all you can to support them to get well and return to their life as usual. With the increasing demands on the healthcare system, providing your people with an alternative solution that will give them access to the best care, quickly, is something you can do for them, their families, your colleagues and your business.

Our knowledge of this competitive market will provide you with the peace of mind that we recommend the best healthcare and medical insurance scheme to suit your business and the needs of your staff & employees.

Benefits to the employer

  • Provides a benefits package that will help you to attract and retain the best talent
  • Demonstrates a genuine care for staff welfare
  • Reassures your people that their efforts in the workplace really count.
  • Provides a simple and cost-effective way to experience the essential benefits of private healthcare
  • Reduces the costs associated with absence, helping employees back to work quickly
  • Includes access to some of the best hospitals in the UK


Benefits to the employee

  • Provides peace of mind and reassurance for your people and their loved ones
  • Affords access to consultations and treatment quickly
  • Provides peace of mind that you can access the best possible care at a comfortable private hospital
  • Provides you the choice of when and where they are treated

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The team have been providing us with insurance services for nearly a decade…they are highly trained and knowledgeable in their field and helpful in providing support to our business completely attuned to our requirements.


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I like that you can put together a small package suitable for us as a start-up and that this can easily be adapted as our needs develop without breaking the bank on the way.



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We’re here to help you ask the right questions, so that together, we can work on the best outcomes for you, your business and your people.

One of the latest features of many PMI policies is a virtual GP. This is a video consolation service that is available 24/7, enabling your people to obtain a diagnosis and / or referral quickly and conveniently.

In addition to the virtual GP, the main feature of PMI is your ability to choose – when you are treated, where you are treated and by whom. With a wide range of hospitals and specialists to treat your condition, you are able to be seen to and recuperate faster. It also includes rehabilitation in a private room which can relieve the stress of treatment.

In the UK, we are fortunate to have one of the world’s best health care system. For those with serious illnesses or conditions, there isn’t a better option. For non-emergency or elective treatments, being able to access the best at a time that is convenient for you means being able to alleviate the pain and discomfort rather than wait for space on a waiting list.

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