Over 50%

Of patients have struggled to get a GP appointment since the pandemic struck

1 in 2

Employees are now less bothered by office-based perks and are more interested in physical and mental wellbeing benefits


Lower attrition experienced in companies where employees perceive a ‘better rated’ compensation and benefits package


People in the UK waiting over a year for routine operations with the NHS

Why do you need market-leading employee benefits?

Your people are the foundation of your business, so a stand-out employee benefits package is critical to achieving your business’ goals and objectives.  

Over and above salaries and wages, the ‘perks’ or ‘fringe benefits’ you provide to employees that go beyond salary or legal requirements are one of the most effective ways to attract and retain the very best talent. An attractive employee benefits package can act as a differentiator for you in a competitive market.  

A survey by McKinsey Quarterly showed that attracting and retaining talent was actually the biggest reason that companies offered corporate employee benefits solutions. Offering more robust benefits, and with reputable providers, also demonstrates that you believe in your company enough to invest in your employees, and proves that you’re stable, which can help you acquire A-list talent. 

With the right solutions in place, you can help your people manage their health, boost their engagement, and ultimately, improve their motivation and performance.

For example, instant access to healthcare can reduce health risks and sick days for your people, fewer trips to the doctor, and provide the support for your people to return back to work more quickly, bringing their best selves to the business.

Showing you care as an employer can increase morale, loyalty and performance. What might be perceived as an expensive outlay could be a very affordable investment in people with a longer-term return. 

We are truly independent in working with our insurer panel to achieve the very best market-leading employee benefits package for your business.  Our dedicated team has decades of experience in the ever-developing field of employee benefits, and can provide expert advice to maximise the return on your company’s investment, and identify a plan that fits within your requirements and budget. 

What type of employee benefits strategy do you need?

Depending on the specific requirements of your business, here are some of the recommendations we may suggest to help you deliver a market-leading corporate benefits package for your people: 

  • Private Medical Insurance (PMI) –  insuring your employees get access to the medical care they need, ensuring they return to work in tip top condition  
  • Group risk protection – Life insurance, critical illness coverincome protection 
  • Health Screenings – providing peace of mind for your employees through ‘health MOTs’ 
  • Travel insurance – keeping your people safe when they’re taking time off 
  • Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) access to a confidential and trained virtual counsellor when your people need it, as well as referral services and health and wellbeing programmes for an employee’s extended family
  • Telemedical services – instant access to medical professionals 24/7 to discuss any health concerns or queries your people may have  

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