We work with family office professionals and trust managers to create a comprehensive portfolio of insurance protection for your high net worth clients with complex assets and lifestyles, across multiple locations. We aim to help our clients cut through the noise often associated with insurance.

Why do you need specialist insurance advice for for property held in trust?

Family office (SFO and MFO) and trust managers must deliver robust protection for the complex asset portfolios (and liabilities) in their charge. Asset protection is a key driver for creating trusts – so it’s mission-critical to have the right insurance in place, carefully structured to support that goal.

The spectre of under-insurance haunts many trust managers, and with good reason: there’s a clear duty of care to place cover at the right levels.  With clients’ lifestyles increasingly fluid across territories and asset classes, you need to know that your insurance arrangements will respond when you need them to. A refused claim could impact your client – not to mention your own work and business. Contentious claims can be time-consuming and damaging.

As an independent insurance adviser, we have access to excellent terms with specialist high net worth underwriters. Whether you’re insuring a listed building, art, a superyacht, or jewellery collection, it’s the right advice that makes the difference. Our portfolio policies mean you can insure homes, cars, and valuables on a single policy, saving time and money.

This specialist advisory practice is delivered by La Playa, which is part of the Partners& group, and is separately authorised and regulated by the FCA registration number, 305655.

Who is this specialist cover for?
  • Family Office professionals

  • Trust Managers

  • Estate Managers

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We’re here to help you ask the right questions, so that together, we can work out the best solution.

The insurer might apply an ‘average clause’ to claims, leaving the client out of pocket or in litigation. This in turn could mean a professional indemnity claim for you.

Listed properties demand periodic re-assessments due to the legal obligations of ownership – you need some specialist insurance advice.

Pool Re rules mean UK terrorism cover for domestic property held in trust must be purchased separately, as for a commercial business – don’t fall foul of this, we have the solution.

If your client has art on a yacht or wine collections moving between properties, you need joined-up protection and all the right customs declarations in place.  Could there be gaps in cover where marine insurers don’t fully understand the art risk; and art insurers are not comfortable with significant values of art afloat?

They may not be familiar with UK insurance requirements – and will likely need advice from a third party on renovation projects, physical and cyber security, collectables valuations, car purchasing, wine, international private medical and other estates services.

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