Well-managed risk presents a better picture to insurers and can help to keep your insurance premiums down.

Why do you need specialist risk management?

Everybody’s lifestyle is different.  It’s important that you manage your risk in a way that fits with the modus operandi of your family and home.

Maybe you travel a lot or move between several homes?  Sometimes you’ll take your jewellery off and leave it on a nightstand, not in a safe. Perhaps your children will forget to set the alarm or will post updates that you’re away on social media.  Many insurance policies carry restrictions that could clip your wings or stipulate specific types of security arrangements.

These are details you need to know about your policies. We’ll talk through the natural rhythms of your life and advise on a portfolio of risk management measures and insurance protection that will works for you and how you live life.

This specialist advisory practice is delivered by La Playa, which is part of the Partners& group, and is separately authorised and regulated by the FCA registration number, 305655.

Who is this insurance for?
  • Individuals

  • Family Office Professionals

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Your colleagues were amazing in helping me after hours. They were professional and very quick in dealing with me.


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May I just say what a pleasure it has been speaking to you and your team on the phone. They have been nothing short of polite and helpful and they also have a sense of humour!


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They could indeed – and we can advise on network security measures for your home and lifestyle to mitigate these kinds of exposures.

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