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| 5th September 2022

In the news – August 2022

A short summary of some of the media coverage featuring the Partners& team in the wellbeing, benefits, pensions, protection, and Human Resources space in the month of August 2022…

The rapid growth and expertise of the Partners& team is now being recognised by our much increased presence and expert commentary in the Human Resources (HR) and employer-facing media.

Below is a summary of just some of the key themes we have commented on in recent weeks (with links embedded for those wishing to read the full article).

Don’t assume!

A much-delayed report on pension savings highlights that often employees don’t fully understand or appreciate elements of their employee benefits package.  Steve Herbert investigates this issue and provides some practical thoughts as to how employers can respond to this challenge.

Publication:  Employer News


Employers urged not to ditch benefits as recession looms

Economic threats might encourage some employers to ditch valuable employee benefit and general insurance provision.  Yet these insurances are at their most valuable in times of economic hardship and uncertainty, and a recent (and widely covered) press release by Partners& seeks to remind employers of this important fact.

Publication:  Corporate Adviser Magazine


Tip for Tat?

A different employment offering can make a real difference whilst the war for talent rages.  This HR Magazine article highlights that one employer has even offered to pay for employee tattoos as a retention incentive.  Should this be the direction of travel for those wishing to improve recruitment and retention?  Partners&’s Steve Herbert adds some thoughts and context to this interesting topic.

Publication:  HR Magazine


The need for older workers

Recent national media stories have suggested that some older employees who retired during the pandemic may be forced back to work by the economic necessity of the cost-of-living crisis.  Will they be welcomed back, and how can employers get the very best from this returning cohort of experienced workers?

Publication:  Partners& Website


What next for National Insurance rates?

The usually placid world of National Insurance contributions has experienced a turbulent year – with more change likely following the appointment of a new Prime Minister.  This article charts the ups and downs of the last few months, and considers what might happen next.

Publication:  Business & Innovation Magazine


Industry awards

Partners&’s Wellbeing & Benefits Director Steve Herbert has once again been invited to judge two prestigious industry awards.  In the last few weeks Steve has acted a judge in both the Health & Protection awards, and the annual HR-focussed contest run by Personnel Today.

Publication(s):  Personnel Today & Health & Protection      

We will of course continue to update our followers with our latest posts, comments, and thoughts throughout the year.