Our in-depth knowledge of the fine wine sector includes  advice for wines in domestic and warehouse storage and in transit. We will advise on reducing your exposure to common risks, insuring your wine separately, or as part of a portfolio policy covering your art work, homes, cars, boats. We can help you give your fine wine the protection and care it deserves.

Why do you need specialist fine wine insurance?

If fine wine is your passion, you’ll want access to it to enjoy, to admire, to share, even just to walk in the stillness of the organic ageing process.  But in a home cellar your wine is exposed to risk, which could affect your financial investment.

Fine wines derive their value from the aesthetic complexity and rarity they develop with age. Wines become more delicate with age, and extremes of temperature, variation in humidity and vibration can damage their quality and the predictability of their evolution. Specialist fine wine advice and carefully crafted fine wine insurance can help protect your unique investments.

We’ll take the time to understand your lifestyle. We’ll design a fine wine insurance solution that works for you – whether as a standalone policy or as part of a wider portfolio of assets.

Who is this specialist cover for?
  • Wine collectors

  • Wine investors

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