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Domiciliary care
At Partners&, we’re able to carry out a full review of your care sector insurance programme, assessing its fitness for purpose. We work with care homes, mental health, addiction and recovery, and domiciliary care providers to cover their regulatory and business needs. We take the time to work with you to identify any gaps that others may not.


We provide personalised solutions and advice to reflect the unique nature of every business in the care sector.


With years of experience working within the care sector, we have an in-depth knowledge of how a care business operates and the exposures that they’re faced with every day.


We design solutions that make the whole journey simple and effective, providing personalised solutions and advice to reflect this.

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Why do you need specialist care insurance?

Every care business is unique carrying differing levels of care and complexity in its offering. Having specialist care sector insurance means you’ll have the right cover in place to help mitigate risk and prevent claims.

The care sector as a whole has faced many unexpected challenges over the past few years and the landscape continues to change. We understand the intricacies of the treatments, care plans and safeguarding you need to have in place and work in partnership with you to fully understand your business so that we can diagnose your risks and provide truly bespoke risk protection advice that is relevant to you and the care industry. We design solutions that make the whole journey simple and effective.

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Who we support


Domiciliary Care Providers

Caring for people in their own homes comes with its own risks. Domiciliary care insurance is a specialist area that requires specialist advice and cover, we provide personalised solutions and advice to reflect this.

Childrens’ Care Homes

From small care homes with a handful of beds to larger groups with many homes throughout the UK, no matter the size of your business we can help with your insurance needs. We can provide cover that meets your specific care home requirements.

Addiction Recovery Centres

Addiction can be life crippling and a rehabilitation organisation will have some amazing superheroes to help turn people in a different direction. We offer bespoke cover for your organisation and helpful advice for your superheroes.

Elderly Care Homes

Within our care sector insurance team we have many years’ experience providing specialist insurance for all types of residential care homes for the elderly.

Usual types of cover

No two care providers are the same which is why we take the time to find a solution tailored to your requirements ranging from Professional Indemnity/Medical Malpractice to management liability and property damage.

Cover for the defence costs and damages that you or liable to pay for any alleged sub-standard care or negligence to a service user/patient.

Defence against liability for damages and defence costs for incidents that you are liable to pay in relation to an incident at the premises, third party property damage or an incident related to a product supplied.

Provides cover for the business against employees who have suffered injury or fallen ill at work due to any alleged negligence on the employers part.

Cover for goods, drugs or vaccines damaged as a result of a change in temperature caused by the breakdown of refrigeration units or accidental damage to it.

Provides cover for loss of earnings in the event that you license is withdrawn by the governing body.

Cover in the event of alleged abuse/molestation by people under your care or responsibility.

Provides cover for the costs of defending your business against any threatened or asserted claim. Cover is broad and can defend against employment disputes to local authority contractual disputes. This can even provide assistance when disputing a decision by the governing body.

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Other types of cover to consider

Meet the care team

Jamie Brock

Client Partner

Jonathan Miller

UK Sales Director
Jamie Brock Healthcare insurance

Jamie Brock

Client Partner
Jamie has worked within healthcare his entire insurance career, from primary care up to multi-site care homes and national domiciliary care businesses. Having always had an interest in healthcare, Jamie takes the time to understand care packages, treatments and types of service used at each business. Every care business is different, which means a one size fits all approach doesn’t work. Care and attention is paramount to this sector and I’m passionate about getting it right first time.

Jonathan Miller

UK Sales Director
Since starting his career with Alexander Forbes as a graduate trainee, Jonathan has built a leading reputation and specialist knowledge in the food and drink and M&A sectors, most recently at JLT and Marsh. Jonathan is also very active in a number of charities and is a committee member of Kids Out, a Director of Birmingham Food Council and has recently co-founded BFPS Black Leaders Network.