Our discerning clients treasure their jewellery and expect the best protection that works with their lifestyle. We’ll design an insurance policy that flexes as your high value collection grows and changes, and advise on best-practice security and care.

Why do you need specialist insurance for your jewellery?

A specialist policy is the best way to maximise protection for your precious items. Standard policies often contain warranties that mean your jewellery is not covered if it’s left on your dressing table, rather than stored in a safe when it’s not being worn.

Only a handful of insurers provide specialist policies for higher value items and collections, and Partners& works closely with these third party companies to offer you:

  1. Better premiums: with individual risk assessments, the insurer obtains a more accurate picture and you don’t pay for others’ carelessness.
  2. Less restrictive small print: jewellery on your dressing table may be uninsured on a standard home policy – many carry small print clauses that nullify the cover for jewellery not being worn or in a safe.
  3. Choice of jeweller for repair/replacement: would vouchers for a high-street outlet really replace your precious pieces? Some insurers insist you use their supplier to keep their costs down.
  4. Valuation advice: gold and gem prices change with fashion and trends – without good advice from our wider ecosystem, you could be paying over the odds or be under-insured. After a theft, the last thing you need is a tussle over the value of each lost piece.
  5. Extra covers: if you lose one earring the insurer will replace both. And the insurer pays the pre-agreed value regardless of subsequent wear and tear or depreciation.
  6. Cash claims settlement: specialist policies pay out claims in cash, so you can choose whether/how to replace.
Who needs specialist jewellery and watch insurance?
  • Jewellery collectors

  • High-Net-Worth professionals

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I have been a client for over 15 years. Their professionalism takes all the stress out of organising this part of my life and I can recommend them without any hesitation as the ‘go to’ company for all your insurance needs.


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