In the arts, the show must always go on – for venues, theatres and independent cinemas, insurance isn’t just about processing a claim, it’s about thinking laterally to solve challenges and problems fast. By supporting you with specialist cover and sound risk management advice, Partners& can help you do a great job.

Why do you need specialist insurance for venues, theatres and independent cinemas?

Venues, theatres and independent cinemas present very specific sets of risk exposures – and now your digital and online risks can expose you globally. At Partners&, we’re passionate about the arts and creative industries – many of us are practitioners and active consumers. We understand the risks and pressures you face – we speak your language.

We support your entrepreneurial endeavours with the right insurance advice sand risk management solutions, a bespoke response that’s tailored to your needs.

Who is this cover for?
  • Venues

  • Theatres

  • Independent cinemas

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I found the service very welcoming and helpful. Feeling very uncertain about our needs and requirements meant I was a little nervous about the whole process, but they were very patient and explained everything simply and slowly.


Anna P



Your colleagues were amazing in helping me after hours. They were professional and very quick in dealing with me.


Antoine D


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