Big ideas for your home? Maybe you’re buying a ‘project’ property, considering a “super-basement”, barn conversion or self-build? Whatever your renovation or property project goals, we can work with you to provide a flexible and comprehensive solution.


Why do you need specialist insurance for your self-build & renovation projects?

Arranging insurance for a renovation can be complicated.  It’s important to get the right structure for your home & building property renovation insurance contracts so that the buck stops clearly with one insurer and you’re in control. Nobody wants a lengthy liability dispute putting a spanner in the works.

If you’re planning on building a home from scratch, it’s advisable to have self-build insurance in place. This specialist home insurance helps protect you and the home you’re building during the construction phase and is suitable for property built on an empty plot of land, or for houses that are going to be knocked down and completely rebuilt.

Protecting your home assets financially during a high-risk event like a renovation project is paramount. Often insurers will only offer fire cover, which won’t meet a lender’s requirements, leaving you with a limited choice of expensive insurance policies. Depending on the scope of your project, you may need to insure the existing structure as well as the works in progress – which means buying employer’s liability insurance if labour-only sub-contractors are being employed.

Plant hire firms will require you to insure hired-in machinery before they’ll release equipment. And the problem of arranging insurance for unoccupied properties pending and during renovation can be an issue for buyers trying to complete on a sale. Listed properties and barn conversions present their own unique challenges. Renovators require public liability insurance in case someone injures themselves on the property.

Our expert team have the in-depth knowledge of the technical details to help guide you through and support you with insurance advice at every stage of your home & building property renovation project.

Who needs self-build & renovation insurance?
  • Homeowners

  • Renovators

  • Period and listed building owners

  • Property investors

  • Barn conversions

  • Self-build projects

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