Insuring your Skate Park against the wide range of risks you face can be a daunting task – and precisely why you need the right advice to ensure your business is properly protected.
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Why do you need specialist skate park insurance?

Our team have provided skatepark insurance for indoor and outdoor UK skateparks for many years. We understand the risks involved and how important it is for your business to be properly protected.

As with all businesses, skateparks differ considerably in size and facilities – all of which are factors that we take into consideration when reviewing your risk.

With businesses growing and changing on an annual basis, it is important to keep in touch throughout the year so your policy remains accurate and fit for purpose. Our dedicated team is on hand to support you through the whole process and if there is an unfortunate event which results in a loss, our in-house claims team is here to stand shoulder to shoulder with you to guide you through the process.

Competitions and Events guidance for skate parks

This guidance is generalised and individual Competitions and Events will require specific guidance depending on their nature. Competitions and events are all run under very different circumstances and the implications from a liability perspective can be complex; if you are in any doubt then please contact Partners& to discuss your individual circumstances. Having said that, there are several key points to consider.

Typically, competitions and events fall into three main brackets.

– These need to be risk assessed and managed by you to mitigate the additional risks presented.

– You should insure them under your policy. To do so your insurers should be notified of anything out of the typical day to day running of your business so they can note your policy accordingly.

– Risk assessments, training, and processes and procedures need to be documented should you later need to rely on them to defend a claim.

– These should still be risk assessed by you in relation to your responsibilities – for example checking ramps and hire equipment (if being used for the event) are fit for purpose and that you can demonstrate that the equipment has been regularly maintained in accordance with the manufacturers’ guidance.

– Does the group hiring the venue have the relevant experience, skills and where applicable qualifications, to run the proposed event.

– Does the external group have their own insurance (either in their own name, or via Skateboard GB etc).

– Have you requested, and are satisfied, with their risk assessments and processes?

– You should have a hire agreement / written contract in place between parties, outlining who is responsible for what.

– A mix of the above, usually with a mix of your staff and event volunteers.

– You will need to be clear about which staff are responsible for which activities ideally within the contract.

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As a starting point we would recommend considering the following questions for any skate park owner

  • Where does the responsibility lie for each aspect of the competition or event?
  • Who is advertising the event and taking bookings / payments?
  • Who is taking payment for tickets / entrance fees?
  • Who is staffing the event?
  • Who is responsible for safety training, where applicable?
  • Are third parties bringing any equipment onsite?
  • How long is the event?
  • Who is responsible for equipment left onsite?
  • Who is responsible to obtaining waivers / advising of the risks involved in taking part?


If you are allowing any third party to run competitions and events on your premises, then most policies state that they should hold their own insurance for the activities they are undertaking.

Many small clubs will be insured with their association for club activities. Many coaches and instructors will also hold association cover.

If a larger organisation wants to hold a competition or event and they don’t hold their own insurance, then you need to request that they obtain cover, and you retain a copy of this for your records. Alternatively, you can insure the event under your own policy, however, you will be picking up the liability for that event and in this instance you will need to take overall control, including all aspects of risk management and mitigation. Failure to do so could leave you vulnerable in the event of an accident or incident and a claim may not be defendable.

In summary, each event will be unique in its makeup and consideration needs to be given to all aspects of risk management and mitigation to establish the best course of action for the insurance.

Usual types of cover for skate parks

Working with our team you will be able to set up a policy that suits your personal preferences. You also have the opportunity to choose from a variety of key covers including:

Ensuring if the worst was to happen to any visitors on your premises you would be fully protected.

Cover in case of any damage to equipment or ramps

covers compensation costs and legal fees for claims made in respect of injury, illness or harm caused to your employees whilst working for your business

providing cover if you are affected by the knock-on effects and loss of profit following theft, fire and flood and other insured events

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