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We work directly with GP & Dental Practices, CCG’s, Federations and ‘Super Partnerships’ to cover their regulatory and business needs. We can find a solution tailored to your requirements ranging from property damage to Staff Absence and Cyber Insurance. We look at both your material risks and your people risks, taking a holistic approach to supporting your practice day to day.      

Why do you need specialist practice insurance for a doctors surgery or dental practice?

Surgeries and alike do not typically fit into standard insurer offerings. It is important to understand the additional risks that general practices’ face. This can be from drugs & vaccines to ensuring that your staff members are covered whilst working elsewhere within the PCN. Equally ensuring that borrowed members of staff are covered. Practices across the country are becoming more collaborative than ever to provide the best patient care, so we want to ensure you the best cover in place to allow this to happen as smoothly as possible.

High numbers of patients visiting the practice every day increases the risk of accidental physical injury leading to Public Liability claims. Not only will we cover you for these risks as standard, but we can also help you manage these risks with free Health & Safety and risk assessment advice through our partnership with Opus Safety.

Why do I need to cover sickness & absence when we have NHS reimbursement support?

Sickness and absence within the workplace can be very costly to general practice. Locum GP’s can cost the practice £2,500 per week, whilst the NHS will only cover £1,751.52 (2020) of these costs, with rates reportedly rising. We can offer a range of policies, which take the reimbursement offering into consideration, top up the amounts to what is required to ensure there is no significant shortfall, provide cover for non-sickness related absences that the NHS cover does not, and ensure expenditure on temporary replacement staff or overtime for backfilling these roles can be covered.

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Why do I need cyber insurance when we outsource our IT?

It’s a common misconception that if IT services our outsourced, cyber cover isn’t necessary. According to CFC, 75% of claims are due to human error as opposed to the typical computer hacking. It’s easy to fall foul of phishing attacks as they become more sophisticated. With the healthcare sector being identified as a hotspot for these types of crimes, it’s more important than ever to be protected. See the CFC Cyber Risk Heatmap for more information.

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Who is this cover for:


Practice managers and owning partners of GP Surgeries

Multi-site or single practice

GP Federations

Primary Care Network

Dental practices


Super Partnerships

Medical Malpractice (Medmal)/ Clinical Negligence

In April 2019, NHS Resolution introduced a new state indemnity scheme for general practice in England called the Clinical Negligence Scheme for General Practice (CNSGP). Whilst this was great news for the healthcare sector, there are some noticeable gaps in cover, which can leave GP’s at risk. Most notably being:

  • Any private work
  • Good Samaritan acts
  • Travel vaccine (Supply & Administration)
  • Breach of Data Protection
  • Occupational Health activities
  • Medical Report Writing
  • Legal defence costs as a result of GMC inquiry or investigation

We can therefore review these risks with you and tailor the limits of cover to suit you. With up to 25 years of run off cover, we can also give you peace of mind when you retire, knowing that we are here to protect you should you need us.

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Meet the medical practice team

Jamie Brock

Client Partner
Jamie Brock Healthcare insurance

Jamie Brock

Client Partner
Jamie has worked within healthcare his entire insurance career, from primary care up to multi-site care homes and national domiciliary care businesses. Having always had an interest in healthcare, Jamie takes the time to understand care packages, treatments and types of service used at each business. Every care business is different, which means a one size fits all approach doesn’t work. Care and attention is paramount to this sector and I’m passionate about getting it right first time.