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Trying to find the right advice to ensure the safety of your climbing wall, climbing centre or bouldering facility can be a daunting task. But with the help of industry specialists you can be sure you have the support and guidance you require to keep your customers, members and employees safe and your business running smoothly.

Increasing focus on professionalism

The rise in claims is shining a spotlight on the importance of accident and incident reporting.

Defending claims

You need access to the right advice to ensure you accurately document processes and ensure you do what you need to protect your business.

Emerging risks and claims trends

As a growing sector, you rely on industry experts who can help you build resilience against evolving people and cyber risks and anticipate what’s coming next.

Climber woman coating her hands in powder chalk magnesium. Ready for climbing

Why do you need specialist climbing wall insurance?

As with any business, no two climbing walls are the same, which means the risks they face are unique. That’s why our specialist team takes the time to understand the particulars of your business to ensure you have the protection you need and that it will respond when you need it.

We take a personal approach

We don’t make assumptions. We prefer to visit the premises and see the risk for ourselves – that gives us the insight we need to identify any gaps or overlaps in cover, and provide the right advice to help reduce future exposures.

Our advice is based on 20+ years of collective experience and in dealing with and defending allegations and claims.

We’re a small, dedicated team of specialists who actively participate in outdoor activities, including climbing and bouldering.

Our approach is to provide face to face support and ongoing risk management advice throughout your policy term.

Man connected to a climbing wall by a rope

Emerging trends

The number of allegations and attempted claims against leisure clients is increasing, with the escalating costs of living this increase is set to continue. It’s always been important to collate any relevant information when reporting on accidents and incidents to give us the best opportunity to defend potential future allegations. It’s considerably easier to fully investigate incidents at the time than if a claim is presented up to three years later, or more in the case of minors.

Who we support

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Top roped climbing

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Meet the team

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Client Director

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Client Adviser