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Cyber is one of the most talked about topics in business and the media. Advances in technology have provided unparalleled levels of convenience in our business and personal lives but also increased our exposure to the risks of cybercrime.


Attacks designed to trick you into doing the wrong thing like clicking on a malicious link, revealing sensitive information, or unwittingly transferring funds to cybercriminals. The hackers may impersonate someone within your company or contacts.


Hackers will force your computer systems to shut down or illegally encrypt your vital data and demand a ransom for it’s safe release back to you.


Where cybercriminals compromise digital devices and networks through unauthorised access to an account or computer system. Once they’re in, hackers can steal or sell your data.

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Why do you need Cyber insurance?

Cyber insurance, data and privacy liability and cyber risk management may seem like things only big corporations need to worry about, but the truth is individuals and businesses of any size can suffer a cyber incident. 

In 2020, UK businesses suffered an online attack every 46 seconds!

Cyber-attacks occur in many different forms, from data breaches to human error. They cause major disruption to your life and your business, including operational downtime, financial loss, reputational damage, regulatory investigations and legal action. 

We’ll help you get a handle on your cyber risk exposure, giving you the tools to manage your risk and deal with the worst-case scenario.

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From websites and email to smartphones and backend data systems, almost every business uses some kind of digital element to trade. Small businesses are becoming increasingly attractive to cybercriminals. We work with you to build your businesses resilience to cyber-attacks.

Large corporations

Cybercrime is on the rise. In 2020 UK businesses suffered an online attack every 46 seconds. As the digital landscape evolves, we can help you to understand the cyber risks you could be facing.


Cybercriminals can find out about you and your family through digital devices, online shopping and smart home technology. Working with you to understand your family’s cyber risk, we can help you protect the things you love.

Successful individuals

Individuals suffer cyber-attacks too. Jargon and buzz words are switching people off to the threat of cybercrime but identity theft, phishing attempts and financial loss are very real risks you could be facing.

Usual types of cover

We focus on businesses and individuals to provide them with the right advice about cyber risk. No two organisations are the same. We take the time to understand what cyber risk looks like in both your industry and in your own organisation. We use these insights to build a tailored insurance and cyber risk management programme.

The costs involved in responding to a cyber incident, including IT security and forensic support, legal advice in relation to breaches of data security, the cost of having to notify individuals whose data is lost or stolen, PR & crisis management expenses, credit monitoring and identity theft monitoring costs.

Defence against liability for violation of privacy rights, denial of service or a failure to protect data you hold – including legal representation costs and fines* arising from a regulatory enquiry. (* where insurable at law)

The cost of restoring or recreating data and hardware lost, stolen or rendered unusable following a cyber attack.

Replacing your lost income as a result of viruses, network failure or damage, hacking or cyber-crime causing ‘down-time’.

Protection against the threat of extortion as the result of ransomware, theft of data, or damage to your computer network.

Paying for the loss of money and securities following electronic fraud, corporate identity theft and social engineering scams

We’ll ensure your protected regardless of wherever you face loss or liability – whether it arises in your own network, or that of cloud suppliers and other outsourcers you are reliant upon.

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Meet the cyber team

Matthew Clark

Risk Management Partner
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Matthew Clark

Risk Management Partner
Matt Clark has over 30 years’ experience in international risk management and insurance. He specialises in science & technology businesses, including those working in IT, communications tech, life science (drug, vaccine & medical device development, Healthcare IT), nanotech, Artificial Intelligence, cleantech, fintech & mediatech. Matt is a Chartered Insurance Risk Manager with experience in the US, Middle East & Far East.