Our in-depth understanding of the unique risks in the art world means we speak your language. Our expert advice is backed up with efficient and highly personal service, helping to save you time and hassle when you need to make a claim. Every art business is different, so we take the time to understand your priorities and the dynamics of your work.

Why do you need specialist fine art insurance?

The business of buying and selling art involves very specific risks, which can change even from hour to hour as the work is installed, de-installed, handled and shipped worldwide. Art dealers and galleries need an insurance adviser who is approachable, responsive and flexible. We specialise in insurance for private art collectors, art galleries and dealers, conservators and musical instrument makers and dealers.

Fine art risks aren’t always what you’d expect. Art theft grabs headlines – but it’s rare. Inventory changes constantly, with work on consignment, at fairs and events. Water damage presents an increasingly dangerous threat. And, if you’re a public space or hold client data, your liability is a serious business. Our team of insurance experts have a genuine knowledge of art and a detailed technical understanding of fine art and instruments. We work with some of the world’s leading art insurers, who understand the sensitivities, market dynamics, and the importance of preserving works of art and fine instruments for future generations.

We’ll support you with expert advice, helping you manage your risks and make good decisions, so when you make a claim you get a better outcome.

Who needs Fine Art Insurance?
  • Art galleries and dealers

  • Art and antiques collectors

  • Art conservators

  • Musical instrument makers and dealers

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We’re here to help you ask the right questions, so that together, we can work on the best outcomes for you, your business and your people.

We can protect your art works on location and in transit.

Business Interruption Insurance can help here. Contact us to discuss this and other insurance cover that might be needed.

The definition of ‘property’ in fine arts varies widely – from specialist equipment and digital assets to stock and works on consignment. We’ll guide you on how much to insure these assets for so that you avoid the trap of under-insurance, which could cost you dearly.

Standard liability policies have upper limits on how much they can pay out. If your business requires coverage greater than this amount, then Excess Liability Insurance can step in – in the event of a claim, it will pay the extra amount outstanding once your initial policy’s limit has been reached.

Excess Liability insurance can pick up where your Public Liability leaves off. If your risk exposure is higher than your Public Liability cover limit, you may need this additional insurance.

Damage to private art and property caused by a terrorist attack is insured by the government, but commercial interests are not. You need to opt in for terrorism insurance for your business, to recoup your financial loss to stock and property and get your business up and running again quickly.

Think twice before relying on your courier’s insurance as it may be a false economy if your goods aren’t properly covered. Artwork is at particular risk and needs specialist advice and insurance. Transit insurance provides protection for your stock or products during transit on the high seas, in the air, by rail or vehicle.

Often it makes sense just to extend your existing cover although we can provide one-off Art in Transit insurance for work valued over £150,000 subject to minimum premium, or include Art in Transit cover within a wider annual insurance package.

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