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We’re in business to make a difference for our clients and for our colleagues. After all, we firmly believe that ‘motivated, competent people deliver wonderful client service’


As businesses look to build resilience and thrive in the current economy, it is more important than ever that they respond to the changing economic landscape and embrace diversity and social inclusion, for the clients they serve and the talent they wish to recruit.

Challenging the status quo

We recognise the role and responsibility we have as an employer to do what we can to help shape a fairer and more inclusive society. We want to make belonging and inclusion business as usual.

BEAT = Belonging, energy, “&” culture, together

We believe there is a clear connection between belonging, psychological safety, wellness and performance. Out of this desire, BEAT was born.

The BEAT of our business

We launched the BEAT programme with a clear mission: to ensure we create a working environment where colleagues feel they belong, and to focus on the wellbeing and resilience of our people to ensure they’re in great shape to thrive, whatever comes our way.

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The background to BEAT

In 2021, we embarked on a journey that has since gone from strength to strength:

Creating an inclusive and collaborative workplace

After all, individuals make conscious choices about who they work for and why, and from a client perspective – what type of organisation they spend their money with.

Enabling colleagues to bring the best version of themselves to work

We want to retain and attract the top talent, so it’s vital that we create a culture where our unique differences are valued and respected.

Nurturing capability to delight our clients

We’re building a learning culture where the sky is the limit if you want to enhance your skills and fine tune your performance.


We believe that when we get this right, we will be one step closer to ensuring Partners& is a great place to work and delivers on our ambition to become the best risk advisory business in the UK.

What does BEAT stand for?

Partnership is in our DNA – we want to ensure people feel they belong and are part of the team

Our values spell out PACE – the energy, positivity and dynamism that runs through our business

Partners& – We have a can-do culture – it’s not about either or, it’s all about and – what more can we do for our clients and each other

We want to enable a culture where we are together in our thinking, actions and goals

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Our BEAT programme has two pillars:

we want to ensure everyone feels they belong at Partners& and brings their true selves, life experiences and unique skills to all they do.

our wellbeing and health has a direct link to our individual resilience and our ability to perform and thrive, regardless of what comes our way.

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BEAT is also the way we bring our values to life

Progressive: we feel confident to making brave decisions, not just going through the motions.

Approachable: we enjoy working together and feel safe to speak up

Collaborative: we relate to our clients and work together to create the best possible outcomes

Enablers: we support each other to better manage our energy, feel more resilient, and stay motivated and productive (not just busy)

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Our BEAT Pledge

We developed our BEAT pledge, a commitment that has become core to our people strategy.

We’re asking our partners to join us in committing to our BEAT Pledge to make belonging and inclusion business as usual.

To support you in your journey, we have shared the plans and tools that we have created along with way in our BEAT in a Box.

Following positive feedback from ecosystem partners and clients, we are sharing it in the hopes that it will inspire other businesses to join us to make positive change in their organisations.


BEAT pledge

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Who to contact?

If you’d like to challenge your status quo and join us in committing to making belonging and inclusion business as usual, sign up to our BEAT Pledge.

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