Does your insurance adviser really ‘get’ what you do you? From IP to IPO, the Partners& specialist science and tech team can help you protect your business with smart, flexible, high-performance insurance and employee benefits programmes – with a friendly human UI, tailoring a bespoke package to your needs.

Why do you need specialist science and technology insurance?

Tech-based business is 24/7, global and borderless, exposing you to new risks and liabilities, often in unfamiliar places. As the law struggles to keep pace with technology, insurance can provide a real safety net if you fall foul of changing legislation.

We consider ourselves science and technology insurance gurus for the innovative, emergent and plain disruptive.

As a specialist with international capability, we understand the complex risks, tangible and intangible, associated with Life Sciences, ICT, Electronics, Fintech, Cleantech and Nanotechnology.

We keep abreast of the shifting sands of emerging risk, regulation, legislation and compliance. With this insight, we can advise you on how to keep your business safe as it grows.

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Who needs specialist science and technology insurance?
  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Cleantech

  • Electronics

  • Fintech

  • Healthcare IT

  • ICT

  • Investors

  • Life sciences

  • Medical technology

  • Member organisations

  • Nanotechnology

  • Science Parks & Incubators

  • Pharmaceuticals

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We thought that we had exhausted all options for our type of business. They completely understood the field we operated in and provided us with new options – and then shopped around for us to get a better price.


Sue L

Life Sciences Client


Thank you so much for giving so generously of your time to contribute at the Ignite Programme – it would not be the success that it is if it were not for the commitment and dedication of contributors such as yourself.


Frances B

Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning


I like that you can put together a small package suitable for us as a start-up and that this can easily be adapted as our needs develop without breaking the bank on the way.



Tech Start-Up


Just wanted to say thanks for your amazing help with our recent claim – you’ve been an absolute star!



Tab Travel


We’re here to help you ask the right questions, so that together, we can work on the best outcomes for you, your business and your people.

Talk to us about how we can help, with the right shape and sized liability insurance for you.

Get in touch with us to discuss Professional Indemnity insurance and other covers needed for your organisation.

Product Recall Insurance plays an important role in helping you manage the PR/brand fallout costs should things not go to plan and you need to recall a product. Cover can include:

  • Product recall costs
  • Additional cover for consultancy fees
  • Business Interruption insurance
  • Rehabilitation costs

Insuring “property” in the biopharmaceutical sector differs hugely from risks of other sectors. A key area of concern for manufacture and research organisations is storage of refrigerated stock: losses arising from a change in controlled environment (malfunction or breakdown of fridges or freezers, dewars running dry) can be very costly, and an integrated risk management programme is crucial.

Modern technology businesses are often dependent upon a complex and lengthy supply chain. What if a key supplier or outsourced research lab suffers an unexpected interruption to operations? Intelligent insurance arrangements can protect you against unexpected loss attributable to breaks in your supply chain.

Credit insurance helps protect your business against the risk of bad debt so that you can confidently get on with running and growing your business.

For many business, their largest asset (typically 40% of the value) is their sales ledger – which may well be completely uninsured. In a climate of economic uncertainty, credit insurance can really help you sleep at night. It can also help mitigate the impact of issues further down the supply chain.

It pays to think through the risks of fraud at work, and check you’ve got the right insurance protection in place.

Crime insurance protects your business from losses that are a direct result of employee or third party dishonesty, like business fraud and employee fraud.

The high cost of legal advice, coupled with increasingly complex and changing employment legislation, means few companies have the resources or expertise to defend themselves against legal action. Employees are increasingly aware of their rights and, encouraged by several high-profile cases and increasing media coverage, are more likely to take action if they lose their job or consider they have been discriminated against.

Commercial Legal Expenses insurance can help protect:

  • Your organisation’s bottom line in legal disputes
  • Employment disputes & compensation awards
  • Legal defence
  • Property protection
  • Bodily injury
  • Tax protection

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