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artist managers and author managers
Managing the careers of artists and authors can be complex. By supporting managers and agents with specialist cover and sound risk management advice, we can help you to better represent your clients. At Partners&, we’re passionate about the arts and creative industries – many of us are practitioners and active consumers, so we care about the outcome.
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Why do you need specialist entertainment insurance?

Your work in the entertainment sector presents a very specific set of risk exposures – and now your digital and online risks can expose you globally. The definition of ‘property’ can vary widely – from digital assets to hired-in equipment to props and office equipment. We understand the risks and pressures you face, and we speak your language. We’ll guide you on the appropriate level of insurance you need, so you avoid the trap of under-insurance, which could cost you dearly…

Our exclusive portfolio policies are designed to provide the right cover, streamlining costs by placing many risks under a single contract. We work closely with trade associations to keep our fingers on the pulse, and to keep you ahead of the game in managing risk as the sector evolves and changes.

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Meet the artist managers & literary agents team

Darren Harger

Client Director
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Darren Harger

Client Director