10 reasons our life science clients are buying D&O liability insurance

Safety in the lab, working from home, employment law, contract disputes, Covid… company directors are now exposed to unprecedented liability for actions and decisions they make on behalf of their business.

Thinking the Unthinkable

Business protection for franchisees

Planning for your financial future

Tim Jones DipCII at our strategic partner Integrity365 discusses the importance of planning for your financial future and provides some key areas for consideration, regardless of your stage in life.

Are we being outsmarted by smart devices?

One would be hard pushed to find a home in the UK without a few smart devices inside.

Thinking the unthinkable

We think nothing of buying car, home and health insurance but what policies are available should you suffer a personal crisis?

Vulnerable not valuable – understanding the real risk of a cyber attack

It’s easy to become confused about cyber insurance – how it works, why it’s needed and what the real threat to your business is.

The Future of Vehicle Ownership

being the owner of an electric car is closer than you think; but what do you need to consider when thinking about buying your first electric car?

Is your food business insurance ready for Natasha’s Law?

As of 1 October 2021, Natasha’s Law will come into effect.

A new take on talent: attracting and retaining to protect tomorrow

Attracting and retaining talent is now a top priority for business owners and HR departments.

Risk in Sportstech

With the surge in e-health, sports and leisure businesses are facing a new set of risks related to the technology behind their business model.

Webinar: How to optimise mental wellbeing in the workplace

Join our webinar to gain a clear picture on how you can navigate through the minefield of risks associated with employee mental ill-health.

IR35: providing clarity on the new rules

IR35 is a well-trodden path for consultants and contractors, but new changes to the tax rules put the onus on the business hiring the contractor.

You and your Rolex: 5 golden nuggets

If  you’re passionate about watches, you’ll be alive to the investment angle in this love affair.

Why are insurance rates going up? It’s all linked to the “hard” market

All business experience cycles of expansion and contraction, and this is particularly true of the insurance industry.

The new workplace: reopening after Covid-19

As some of us make plans to move back into offices and business premises, it’s important to reassess our risks in the post-covid workplace.

Is it time to elevate risk management to your board?

In an uncertain world, insurance is taking centre stage. Fire and flood have become “hygiene” factors, in a landscape of interconnected risk.

Travel insurance in a COVID world

With ongoing travel restrictions and news of ‘colour’ destinations, the question is what is covered by your travel insurance?

Do you have a “Company Will”?

Facio ut Facias – I do, that you may do, is a well-known Latin civil law term.

A life-line online | Why virtual GPs could be the support your people need

64% of employees reporting a significant increase in anxiety and depression as a result of the pandemic.

Has the government’s £500m production insurance scheme gone far enough?

When it comes to safeguarding the arts and culture, the government has not been getting the best press lately.

Could your business benefit from Vitamin P?

Have you considered boosting your business’ immunity and enhancing its resilience with some Vitamin P – the Partners& Risk Healthcheck?

What’s missing from your wellbeing ‘first aid kit’?

Providing the right tools to help manage workplace stress and mental health strains in the age of Covid is so important

Aaduki’s 6 P’s for reopening your studio

A guide for photographers to safely reopening after COVID-19

15 steps to bullet-proof your business

The building blocks of insurance for your photography business

The power of the password

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking cyber risks only impact large corporations, any one of us can become victims of cyber-crime.

What’s new in the world of Cyber Insurance?

Specialist cyber insurance adviser Matthew Clark takes a look at the new features of CFC’s cyber incident response app

Managing people risk in your business: sports & leisure sector spotlight

Gyms and fitness settings are vibrant places, with people coming and going all the time.

Online Fitness and Insurance

Following Covid-19, the market has been transformed and online fitness is here to stay.

Prevention rather than cure: managing your ‘people-risk’ by promoting wellbeing

Could promoting regular activity increase employee engagement and retention, and create a more resilient workforce?

Busting the myths about cyber hacks: “It won’t happen to me”

Drug firms and research groups being targeted by state sponsored hackers highlights the very real cyber threats to which we’re all exposed

The Rolex Watch Top 10

No other timepiece manufacturer has the global recognition of Rolex. It’s synonymous with classic luxury.

The four pillars of wellbeing

Every year, mental health challenges effect one in four people.

Why Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs) should be a part of the new normal

There’s no doubt that COVID-19 has shifted the way that many employers look after and engage with their people.

Safely reopening after COVID-19: a guide for Gyms

The guidelines and timescales for reopening gyms are not yet clear; however, this guide provides an outline of some of the key points you will need to consider

Safely reopening after COVID-19: a guide for Trampoline Parks

The guidelines and timescales for reopening trampoline parks are not yet clear; however, this guide provides an outline of some of the key points you will need to consider

How can you provide personal support for your team when they need it most?

Your people are your greatest asset, and it probably goes without saying that their health and well-being is one of your key considerations.

Myth busting Cyber Insurance: why your business may already be at risk

Most responsible businesses are aware that a cyber attack is a “when” not an “if”

Top tips to protect your boutique gym

Boutique gyms are disrupting the industry by offering an increasingly varied range of services for clients. For gym operators, it presents an equally diverse risk environment.

Addressing what’s what in Employee Engagement & Reward

As today’s war for talent rages on, business leaders recognise the role employee benefits and employee engagement play in the modern-day workplace.

Are you up to date with the Sentencing Council guidelines?

Exposing you to potentially larger fines and longer custodial sentences, the 2016 sentencing guideline updates are no laughing matter.

The importance of a professional jewellery valuation

Ensuring that you have your jewellery valued correctly in a fluctuating market has never been more important.

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