Our expert advisers can take care of all your property insurance – individually or on a portfolio policy. The right advice means the right “fit” for insurance – so you can feel more confident it will deliver on its promise.


Why do you need specialist building insurance?

Every home is individual – whether it’s a modern architect-designed building or a historic listed building. We’ll support you with expert advice to protect not only the financial value but the very character of your property. Combined with a specialist appraisal and the right risk management measures, you can rest easy that your buildings are safe, come what may.

Standard building  insurance is based on historical statistics. If your home doesn’t fit “national average” profiles, you could find yourself:

  • Overpaying: many specialist insurers offer lower rates for higher value properties to reflect the care taken. Why pay for the neglect of others?
  • Over insured: the market value of some properties exceeds the rebuild value – land prices in premium locations causing the price difference. Specialist insurers offer an individual appraisal to set accurate rebuild costs.
  • Underinsured: how can you know the cost of replacing historic 18th century floor tiles?
  • Having problems getting cover: thatched, listed and unusual non standard properties are the norm for specialist insurers, and their rates reflect this.
  • Restricted by warranties: property occupancy and alarm clauses can catch you out.
Who needs Buildings Insurance?
  • Clients with multiple homes

  • Period and listed property owners

  • Owners of unusual or non standard property

  • Property investors

  • Family Office and Estate Managers

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We’ve been very impressed by your hands-on approach and your pro-activity!


S Criterion

Private Client


They are an extremely professional company, with much knowledge. They are very easy to get quotes from and always get back promptly with a price. Whether it is insurance for your own house or a rented property they are always friendly, helpful & very efficient. They make getting your household, property & car insurance sorted out a very simple process. I cannot rate them highly enough… they give a personalised customer service.


Ms Selman

Private Client


These guys are the only insurance people I will tolerate speaking to these days, as they are actual humans (with both a brain and a heart!) and offer very good packages too – they answer calls and emails promptly and when I had an issue recently with my bank were very helpful to get it fixed.



Commercial Client


We’re here to help you ask the right questions, so that together, we can work out the best solution.

Your claim could be subject to the insurer’s application of the “average clause” – talk to us about receiving appraisals, valuations and indexation from our wider ecosystem.

Talk to us about Public Liability Insurance.

This can be tricky with some insurers – just keep us in the loop and we’ll manage your cover.

Ask us for our flood prevention Tips & Insights – and if the worst happens, we’re shoulder to shoulder with you in that claim.

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