Business interruption insurance is often misunderstood by business owners, with many believing their buildings and contents insurance will take care of everything should their operations be interrupted by unforeseen events.

Why do you need business interruption insurance?

In a world where change is the norm, there’s no shortage of challenges for businesses to overcome. When things are running smoothly it’s all too easy to overlook the potential risks your business may face. If recent world events have taught us anything, it is to be prepared for the unexpected.

The most common issues covered by Business Interruption are the knock-on effects and loss of profit following theft, fire and flood and other insured events, however there is more to this type of insurance. Other situations that could stop you trading include failure of public utilities, cyber attack and even a bomb scare. All of these scenarios can be covered as extensions to your business interruption policy.

Specialist advice can often mean the difference between getting the right cover or missing the mark when your business needs it most.

Types of business interruption can include:
  • Gross profit

  • Increased cost of working

  • Additional increased cost of working

  • Loss of rent

  • Delayed start-up cover

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How can Business Interruption insurance protect your business?

Your office or lab is subject to a flood, fire, or vandalism? A piece of essential equipment fails? A neighbouring building is compromised, thus preventing access to yours? Your supplier’s property is damaged and they’re unable to supply you?

What would be the impact on your business?

  • Shortfall in profits?
  • Increased staff costs?
  • Increased business running costs caused by the event (e.g. renting an alternative office / lab while yours is repaired)?

A business interruption programme can help protect you against these risks.

We can advise you of the type of insurance and the kind of things that can be covered. We cannot advise you on the amount of business interruption you may need as this is partly an accounting task. When considering business interruption we also recommend that you seek professional accounting advice in assessing the level of profit / loss of income you require cover for.

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