Working in partnership with TAF and its members

Partners& is the insurance partner of the Trade Association Forum.

Our aim is to support TAF in their mission to build the resilience their members need in order to face the challenges resulting from the current economic climate.

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Here to help you

Trade associations, like all businesses today, are facing risks and challenges on many fronts. Wouldn’t it be a great relief to work with a risk management partner who is committed to discussing your risk environment and exploring the various options available to you?

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Welcome to Partners&

“Our approach is fundamentally different to what most businesses experience. We understand membership organisations. We work in partnership, gaining a forensic understanding of your organisation and how you operate – only then can we work together to build a programme that’s right for your specific risks and particular circumstances.”

Partners& Founder and CEO, Phil Barton

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How do you deliver growth, optimise recruitment and retention and build resilience in the current environment?

Delivering sustainable revenue

Read more about how NAPIT and Partners& worked together to design a platform that has built value and generated sustainable revenue.


Recruitment and retention in turbulent times

Regardless of industry or geographical location, the question on every employer’s mind is: “How do we attract and retain the best talent?” With vacancies tough to fill and competition more fierce than ever, savvy businesses are thinking outside the box to ensure they have the team they need.

Read Addressing employer challenges: Recruitment and retention from our Wellbeing and Benefits Director, Steve Herbert.


Building resilience

Putting the right risk management programme in place that considers the 21st century challenges around people risk and cybercrime will act as an enabler for growth rather than the root of failure. The key is taking the time to work through what you would do when (not if) an incident occurred.

If you’d like to speak with us about how we can support your approach to risk management and build greater resilience into your business, or those of your members, contact us.


Meet the team

Ross Dingwall

Managing Partner - Markets and Schemes

Joe Brewin

Development Director (SME & Schemes)
Ross Dingwall

Ross Dingwall

Managing Partner - Markets and Schemes
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Joe Brewin

Development Director (SME & Schemes)