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Embracing Equity

A month of inspiration 

Embracing Equity, the theme of this year’s International Women’s Day, really resonates with us at Partners& – so much so that we held a number of events throughout the month of March to mark the occasion and keep the conversation going.  

Creating a sense of belonging and inclusion is a fundamental principle at Partners& – we truly believe that motivated, competent people deliver the best client service, and our aim is to create the environment for our people to flourish.  

On 8 March, Isha Patel, Managing Partner (South East) introduced Holiday Phillips, an organisational culture expert who has worked with companies such as Apple, LinkedIn, Visa. Her theme, “Why gender equality is everyone’s work”, explained why gender equity (and equity in general) actually benefits us all, and how without it everybody suffers.  

On 21 March, Becci Merry, Client Service Partners (Speciality) introduced Jill Pay, a retired Serjeant at Arms in the House of Commons and CEO of the Gender Index. She shared her journey and observations of women in business.  

Finally, our CEO, Phil Barton, was joined by Isha and Beccy to share their journey to Partners& and their impressions of the business since joining.  

We closed out March inspired by the experiences of these women who are making strides in their fields and who serve as roles models for the next generation.