How to bring a BEAT into your business 

As businesses look to build back and respond to the changing economic landscape, it is more important than ever that they embrace the need to become diverse and inclusive, to represent both the clients they serve and the talent they wish to recruit.

We recognise the role and responsibility we have as an employer to do what we can to help shape a fairer and more inclusive society.

We’re asking our partners to join us in committing to our BEAT Pledge to make belonging and inclusion business as usual.

What is BEAT?

It’s simple. BEAT is what brings our team together to create an inclusive and collaborative environment to build a culture of wellbeing and enable great performance.

BEAT stands for:

Belonging – ensuring people feel they belong and are part of the team.
Energy – the energy, positivity and dynamism that helps our business succeed
And – adopting a can-do culture. It’s not about “either/or” – it’s all about “and” – what we can do for our clients and for each other.
Together – enabling a culture where our team works together in our thinking, actions and goals.

We’ve developed our BEAT pledge, a commitment that has become core to our people strategy.

Following positive feedback from our ecosystem partners and clients, we are now making it available to our clients. We hope that it will inspire you to join us to make positive changes within your business.

BEAT in a box

Kicking off a new initiative can be daunting. Time is tight, resources are pulled in many directions but you’re keen to push your business to the best it can be.

If you like the idea of bringing BEAT into your workplace, we’ve put together a really simple 10 step guide to get you started.

This includes features such as:

  • What BEAT is and how it can benefit your business
  • Meat free cook book to promote a health lifestyle
  • Wellbeing calendar
  • Menopause support
  • Building your own diversity & inclusion programme

If you’d like to challenge your status quo and join us in committing to making belonging and inclusion business as usual, we’d love to hear from you.

For more information about BEAT in a BOX, email us at