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Thinking the Unthinkable

Business protection for franchisees

Did you know?

  • 67% of businesses think they would cease trade immediately if a key individual were to die or suffer a critical illness[1]
  • The cost of setting up a gym franchise could be £50,000, but could be as much as £500,000[2]
  • Franchisees don’t have to be profitable to get business protection – we can even help in the tough first few years!

If something happens to the franchisee(s), the managing director or the area manager…

  • How will the business survive?
  • Who will be responsible for maintaining loan payments?
  • Who will inherit their interest in the franchise?
  • How will the family be impacted?

Our solution

Partners& has a unique proposition in the market for franchisees to manage their people risk and make provision for the businesses continuity.

How should you protect your franchise business?

  • Ongoing income for your family: if the worst should happen to you, Partners& can provide a tax-efficient life insurance policy that would provide your family with a lump sum of money, which is paid for through the franchise.
  • Shield your profits: Partners& can arrange key person insurance to protect the business against the loss of profits if a key person were to become critically ill or die.
  • Repaying debt and loans: where there could be a significant impact to the franchise as the result of a death or critical illness, debt from banks, friends, family and external investors could be recalled. Partners& can help implement Loan Protection.
  • Protecting shareholders: If a shareholder were to die or suffer from a critical illness, what would happen to their shares in the business? Would they go back to the franchisor or would they go to the other shareholders? How would recipient pay for them? Have you planned for this? The structural set-up of the franchise is critical – we can help you plan for succession and create a “company will”.


We understand how physical this business can be. Partners& can design financial protection for you if you were incapacitated or suffered a life changing form of disability (as well as death/critical illness).

Our business protection team is made up of some of the best advisers in the industry. We stand shoulder to shoulder with you, with deep insight and understanding of your sector, supported by technical expertise and a team of approachable individuals committed to excellent client service.  You will have our support when you need it most.

The Partners& difference

How much does it cost to protect my family?

If you’re looking to protect yourself and your family against a serious financial shock in case of death, terminal or serious illness which could force you into retirement, you’re aged 40 and need £200,000 of cover, this could cost as little as £88 per month.[3]

What do I need to do?

We simply need your name, date of birth, smoking status, and your contact details for one of our advisers to be in touch.

Smart franchisees recognise that, in order to ensure future success, their franchise protection strategy is critical. It can be the difference between the franchise surviving or going out of business altogether. If you want to protect your franchise and need help, please get in touch.

[1] L&G: State of the Nation’s SME Report, 5th edition

[2] This is Money, do you have what it takes to start your own franchise? March 2017

[3] Quote run on 20.09.2021, assuming good health, non-smoker, till age 65 – indicative only and subject to underwriting