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Why insurance claims don’t get paid: 5 most frequent reasons

Claims. Although they aren’t something we like to think about, especially when we come to purchasing our insurance programmes, there is little that rivals a strong claims proposition to build resilience in your business. 

When the worst happens and the thing you thought ‘will never happen’ does, there is almost nothing more important than the strength of the claims team behind you. 

The sad truth is it doesn’t take much to invalidate the average insurance policy. Some of the most frequent reasons why claims aren’t paid are unfortunately simple and very easy to avoid.  

5 of the most frequent reasons insurance claims aren’t paid:

  1. Failing to report claims and incidents promptly 
  2. Failing to advise your broker/ insurer of changes to personal or business circumstances 
  3. Neglecting to comply with warranties, conditions and endorsements 
  4. Underinsurance – inadequate sums insured 
  5. Admitting fault or liability which prejudices the insurer’s positions in dealing with a claim 

How can you ensure your claim gets paid and that your insurance policy delivers on its promise when you need it to?

From our perspective, the answer quite simply relies on partnering with the right insurance adviser, who takes a holistic approach to protecting you and your business. 

No two individuals or businesses are the same, which is why we focus on protecting risks based on what we learn about you or your business and what we know is happening in your industry. Only then can we recommend a risk management approach that helps prevent claims, whilst protecting you, your business and your people when you need it most. 

What makes Partners&’s approach to claims support different? 

  • First and foremost, Prevention is better than a cure. Our collaborative approach is very different to what is normally experienced in our industry. We work in partnership with you to fully understand your personal or business needs so that we can diagnose your risks and provide truly bespoke risk protection advice that is relevant to you. 
  • Our claims professionals are part of your advisory team. Instead of waiting for the worst to happen, our team of chartered loss adjusters take a proactive approach to help prevent claims, working with our broking team to provide unique insight and experience when designing your insurance programme, being an integral part of your journey with Partners& from the very beginning. 


  • Dedicated claims advisers to manage your claim. We will provide a single point of contact to ensure continuity, discuss your needs and provide guidance throughout the duration of your claim – that means you will have a friendly and familiar face on hand to assist you.  
  • A team of specialist liability loss adjusters in-house. Access to our team of liability adjusters to provide expert insight and support on complex liability claims. 
  • In-house claims consultancy for property claims over £25k. In such circumstances, we will appoint one of our chartered loss adjusters to manage your property claim and ensure that we achieve your full entitlement under your policy. 
  • Access to specialist legal professionals. Through Partners& you have access to a leading law firm who specialises in complex policy coverage disputes to ensure you have the right people in your corner when you need them. 

As a specialist team, we can support you through the entire claims process, from first notification of loss to the claim settlement. We are quick to respond and ready to represent your best interests, fully and fairly. Whether it’s a straightforward settlement or helping to build a robust defence, we are committed to working shoulder to shoulder with you to achieve an outcome that’s right for you. 

Find out more about how our claims team can support you today, here, or give contact the team today on 0345 646 1301, or email claims@partnersand.com.