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International Women’s Day, 8 March 2022 – Partners& Pledges to #BreakTheBias

We take the subject of inclusion in the workplace very seriously, and #BreakingTheBias, the theme of this year’s International Women’s Day, is closely aligned with our purpose to challenge the status quo in our market. In fact, belonging and inclusion is a core element of our BEAT programme and it is fundamental to how we are growing and shaping Partners&.

The story so far:

  • Our male to female ratio in the business is 49/51%
  • 40% of our leadership team are women
  • Our maternity policy is above market standard
  • We are menopause aware, have run various workshops on the subject and we’re working towards becoming accredited as ‘Menopause Friendly’
  • We sponsor rugby and football clubs that also support women’s teams
  • We are addressing gender pay gaps

To celebrate International Women’s Day we have the following planned:

  1. We are hosting a webinar on 8 March by Dr Hazel Harrison entitled, “Getting gritty: ‘Working towards challenging goals’”, where we’ll be asking ‘How do you overcome ‘obstacles’ to #BreakTheBias and keep a positive mindset?’
  2. We pledge to make our new ‘Learning Academy’ 50% men and 50% women
  3. We pledge to launch a Women’s Executive to ensure #BreakingTheBias remains at the top of our agenda
  4. We pledge that we will only sponsor sporting clubs that have both men’s and women’s teams
  5. We are going to add flexibility to our job adverts eg adding in ‘part time available’ to ensure these roles are more accessible
  6. We have interviewed women across Partners& to ask them for their perspective on how they overcome obstacles, which will be shared on social media during the week of 8 – 11 March 2022
  7. We will be encouraging colleagues to take selfies either adopting the #BreakTheBias crossed arms pose or, with one of the pre-printed boards provided by IWD, promoting a personal #BreakTheBias message/pledge
  8. We pledge to continue to be aware of our working practices to ensure we are an inclusive place for women to work at all times

Partners& is a new kind of insurance adviser. We saw the need for a reset in the marketplace, for a return to best of the traditional values of broking, combined with modern thinking and smart us of technology. We know we could never deliver that without fully engaged and happy colleagues. We have built a large eco system including our colleagues, our clients and our partners and we are proud to be leading the way in equality for women at work.