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You and your Rolex: 5 golden nuggets

The Partners& Private Office team recently launched our new offering advising on risk and luxury assets – from superyachts and wine cellars to high value watches.

If you’re passionate about watches, you’ll be alive to the investment angle in this love affair. The vintage and modern wristwatch market is stronger than ever, but it would be fair to say that no other timepiece manufacturer has the global recognition of Rolex. Whilst some may come close – think Patek Phillipe or Omega – Rolex is timeless and synonymous with classic luxury.

Of course, other words associated with Rolex can include ‘expensive’, and more recently ‘hard to come by’. With an unstoppable reputation cultivated by the company over the years, the 7.4% average price increase in 2020 has only served to make owning a Rolex more desirable.

For Rolex owners and aspiring investors, – we’ve pulled together some “golden nugget” insights into the luxury watch market, in collaboration with our specialist art and antiques valuers and auctioneers partner Dawsons Auctioneers:

  1. Rolex has not yet increased prices in the UK or United States to date in 2021, but it could only be a matter of time in the face of the rising price of gold and other commodities, as well as currency movements in the US dollar and Swiss franc.[1]
  2. In the luxury goods market, nothing retains its value quite like a Rolex. You could buy one today, wear it for 10-years and sell it on for pretty much what you paid for it—meaning you’ve worn one of the most desirable watches in the world for free for a decade. Choose wisely, and your Rolex may accrue in value.
  3. More than half of Watches of Switzerland Group’s turnover is from Rolex sales, and during the pandemic the Group chose to increase inventory in preparation for reopening. So, if you are struggling to find your desired Rolex piece with your local authorised dealer, this could be why (try Dawsons Auctioneers specialist online jewellery and watch auctions for the best available vintage pieces). [2]
  4. One of the most desired watches is the Rolex Daytona ‘Paul Newman’, as it was the watch famously worn by the Hollywood legend Paul Newman. These watches were produced in the 1960s and now can sell for upwards of £150,000.
  5. A new trend has erupted wherein empty Rolex watch boxes are fetching hundreds of pounds in online sales, showing just how valuable and sought-after the brand really is. Now, retaining the packaging and paperwork in good condition is crucial as it looks to increase in value alongside the watches…[3]

If you need advice on valuation, care or insurance of your luxury watches, do get in touch.  We can connect you with professional expertise around your assets to ensure they are always appropriately safeguarded, from valuation to appropriate storage. If you’re looking to sell at auction or buy to collect, please do not hesitate to contact Dawson Auctioneers for a complimentary valuation or to discuss auction items in further detail with one of their trusted horology specialists.

With credits to: Aubrey Dawson, Dawsons Auctioneers, https://www.dawsonsauctions.co.uk/

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