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How can you provide personal support for your team when they need it most?

Your people are your greatest asset, and it probably goes without saying that their health and well-being is one of your key considerations. Providing an environment that maximises workplace satisfaction, well-being and performance is critical. One way to achieve that is by providing an Employee Assistance Programme (also known as EAPs). Supporting your people in a time of need will make them feel valued and can promote a positive, secure and motivated culture.

Why you need an Employee Assistance Programme?

EAPs provide employees support to overcome life’s physical, mental and financial challenges. If you’re looking for ways to consistently manage and develop long-term business success, it makes sense to start with giving your people the support that will enable them to succeed.

It’s encouraging to see more employers offering an EAP during our current work climate. I have no doubt that COVID-19 has meant that many employers need to adapt and review how they look after and engage with their people.

What does an Employee Assistance Programme look like?

An EAP is likely to involve an assessment and telephone counselling, as well as referral services for employees and any of their immediate family. In some cases, if needed, a face to face consultation is included. A typical programme will include:

  • Assesses employee health and well-being
  • Helps employees with personal problems
  • Improves trust between teams and individuals
  • EAPs help employers to provide:Short-term counselling
  • Referral services,
  • Health and well-being programmes
  • Incentives and other corporate benefits

How you can get started with implementing an EAP?

Including your people in the process for managing or overcoming health and well-being concerns reinforces trust and respect. We believe these are vital for a successful business.

The best place to start building up your business is from the inside, with the people who work there.

We can help you come up with a plan to manage and safeguard your employees’ health and well-being. Our Employee Benefits team specialise in supporting clients to build and develop a nurturing, trusting and resilient team and business.

Please get in touch to discuss how an Employee Assistance Programme could work in your business – we’d love to hear from you.