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How comfortable is your business talking about Women’s Health?

Let’s talk Women’s Health

Today, we have over 16 million women in the UK workforce, with 70% of working women being aged 50-64. 

Why it’s important to talk about women’s health in the workplace 

The workplace has traditionally been a space where women’s health issues, such as menopause, mental health, fertility, and infertility have been taboo, often overlooked and even stigmatised.  

But change is on the way … 

Over the last 50 years, we have seen some serious shifts in the UK workforce, particularly when it comes to women. Since 1974, there has been a 30% increase in female employment rates (ages 16-64) now totalling a whopping 71.6% as of March 2024.  

Resolution Foundation reported the pandemic to have not only impacted the number of women joining the UK labour force, but acted as a catalyst, with over 500,000 women transitioning from part-time to full-time employment by November 2021.  

As it stands, the fastest-growing workplace demographic is women over 50. Given the average age for menopause is 51, most working women (including potentially those in your own organisation) will be working through their menopause transition and beyond (Menopause in the Workplace, 2023).   

 The sad reality 

  • 1 in 4 families in the UK lose their baby during pregnancy or birth (Tommy’s Midwives). 
  • 62% felt their health condition or disability has impacted their experience in the workplace. This included:  
  • Increased stress levels 
  • Decreased mental health 
  • Impacted their earning potential
  • Limited opportunities for promotion
  • Ended their career prematurely

(The Department for Health and Social Care, 2022) 

Many respondents of the same survey called on employers to do more to encourage and facilitate open discussions with line managers and colleagues to raise awareness of and destigmatise women’s health conditions and their impact in the workplace.   

Organisations are losing talent unnecessarily.   

Companies are increasingly recognising the importance of raising awareness about women’s health issues in the workplace. By breaking the silence around topics like menopause, mental health, fertility, and infertility, workplaces can create more supportive environments for women at all stages of their lives and careers.​ 

Addressing these challenges benefits women individually and contributes to a more inclusive and supportive workplace culture overall. It’s about fostering understanding, providing resources, and creating spaces where women feel comfortable discussing their health needs without fear of judgment or discrimination.​ 

Be a part of the positive change  

3 ideas to create positive change around women’s health in your organisation: 

  1. Expand your understanding –

Education is key when it comes to understanding the impact women’s health might be having on your employees.

As a topic we are passionate about, we invite you to check out our latest resources: 

 Navigating Women’s Health in The Workplace – The People Podcast from Partners& 
In this episode, we explore all aspects of women’s health, providing insightful tips and resources paired with real life experiences to help businesses ensure they are delivering the right support for women of all ages – addressing challenges like reproductive health, menopause and mental health.

Listen here

Informative webinars: Empowering women’s health in the workplace, webinar recap.

On the 26 June we ran a thought-provoking, free to attend webinar on ‘Empowering women’s health in the workplace’, hosted by Wellbeing, Health and Benefits Director Dan Cockram and featuring keynote speaker Dr. Karolina Afors, Chief Medical Officer at Syrona Health. The event explored crucial topics women’s mental health and wellbeing, including reproductive health, mental wellness, and legal considerations. Over the coming weeks we will be sharing highlights from our expert panellists across our social platforms including valuable insights, practical tips, and essential resources to empower you and your employees on your health journey. 

 Follow us for further insights –  Partners&.| LinkedIn

          2. Launch a women’s network –

Internal networks can be a great outlet for employees to connect with other colleagues around a shared experience or interest. We are very proud of our employee-led networks at Partners&. Two of which include our women’s network and our ‘Hot chick (Menopause) Network. For more information on developing your own internal networks – click here This month we are ran an inspiring session on the impact of pregnancy and baby loss in partnership with Tommy’s Midwives to better understand how we can support friends, family and colleagues through pregnancy and baby loss. Why not explore the work this charity does by visiting website here. 

           3. Menopause training for employers /
menopause-friendly accredited business

In 2022, we were one of the first in the insurance industry to be accredited as a Menopause-friendly employer through our work and training with menopause in the workplace experts, Henpicked.
Learn more about this process here. 


As awareness continues to grow and initiatives for women’s health in the workplace gain momentum, we can look forward to even more progress in breaking down taboos and creating healthier, more supportive work environments for women everywhere.​ For more information on how to support your employees speak with our Wellbeing, Health and Protection team today