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A short summary of some of the media coverage featuring the Partners& team in the wellbeing, benefits, pensions, protection, and Human Resources space over the last few weeks…

The rapid growth and expertise of the Partners& team is now being recognised by our much increased presence and expert commentary in the Human Resources (HR) and employer-facing media.

Below is a summary of just some of the key themes we have commented on in recent weeks.

Back to the 70s?

A summer, autumn and possibly winter of discontent now seems likely as employees in many sectors threaten strike action.  What has caused this sudden surge in industrial action, and can employers utilise their employee benefits offering to improve industrial relations?

Publication: Personnel Today

Steve Herbert joins Partners&

The widely known Human Resources, Employee Benefits, Wellbeing, and Pensions commentator Steve Herbert has joined fast-growing national intermediary Partners& as Wellbeing and Benefits Director.

Publication: Corporate Adviser Magazine

Yesterday’s news?

Covid-19 has rather dropped out of the daily headlines, but has it really gone away?  Steve Herbert considers the continued risks of coronavirus and other infectious diseases in his monthly column for the Employer News website.

Publication: Employer News/ Steve’s Blog

Business pressures:  A case study

The cost-of-living crisis is hurting businesses just as much as individual consumers.  This item looks at a real-life case study of cost-pressures, combined with the concerns and challenges of recruitment during a period of record employment.

Publication:  Partners& Website

Employee experience, benefits, and cryptocurrencies

Are the provision of employee incentives more useful and valuable than a bonus, and will cryptocurrencies become part of the remuneration and employee benefits landscape?  HR Magazine considers these important questions.

Publication: HR Magazine

Long Covid and the working age population

Healthcare and Protection magazine considers the issue of Long Covid, and in particular how employers might support employees with this complex – yet increasingly common – cause of workplace absence.

Publication:  Health & Protection Magazine

Long Covid:  Case Numbers

What are the latest Long Covid case numbers, and what does this mean for the world of employment?  Steve Herbert looks at the latest monthly figures published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Publication: Partners& Website

How low will they go?

The race to be the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland has led to a number of tax-reducing soundbites and promises by the candidates.  So what might these promises mean for this year’s National Insurance increase, or the 2023 introduction of the Health and Social Care Levy?

Publication: HR News

Heat:  A HR problem?

The British summer has got far warmer in recent years, and this poses new challenges for employers and employees alike.  Steve Herbert considers whether the employer response should become an issue owned by Human Resources departments.

Publication:  Employer News

The case for private healthcare provision

A record 6.6 million people are now waiting for NHS diagnosis or treatment in England alone.  This article investigates the true scale of that figure, and suggests that the case for employer-sponsored private healthcare provision is strengthened by this new reality.

Publication: Partners& Website  

Skill shortages lead to increased overworking

Research by The Open University suggests that job vacancies and skills shortages continue to present a major barrier for UK businesses.  Partner&’s Steve Herbert adds some thoughts and context to this important issue.

Publication: HR Magazine

We will of course continue to update our followers with our latest posts, comments, and thoughts throughout the year.