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In the news: April 2023

A short summary of some of the coverage featuring the Partners& team in the wellbeing, benefits, pensions, protection, and Human Resources media during April 2023…


The Partners& team are now firmly established as a regular – and insightful – provider of expert commentary across a range of specialist media titles.

Below is a summary of just some of the key themes we have commented on in the month of April 2023 (with links embedded for those wishing to read the full article).

ASDA introduces pay advance schemes

Supermarket giant ASDA has introduced a pay advance scheme for employees.  But are such schemes a good solution to the challenges of the cost-of-living crisis, and how can employers instigate procedures to reduce risk for employees?  Steve Herbert of Partners& adds commentary on this key issue.

Publication:  HR Magazine


Addressing employment challenges

Partners& have published three very short – and highly topical – linked videos looking at current employment challenges (links embedded for each one below).

  1. NHS waiting lists and employee absence
  2. The continuing cost of living crisis
  3. Recruitment and retention

These videos can also be found in the “insights” section of the Partners& website.

Publication:  Partners& website


Mental health first aiders

MP Dean Russell has introduced a private members bill to place mental health on a par with physical health in the workplace, primarily through the introduction of Mental Health First Aiders (MHFA).  Yet there are concerns about this well-intentioned approach.  Partners& contribute to the debate in this interesting item published in People Management Magazine.

Publication:  People Management Magazine


The wait for the waiting room

A recent YouGov survey suggests that many Britons are going without the medical help they need because they can’t see their GP in time, and some have even given up trying.  Steve Herbert reflects on these findings, and also considered other evidence from the British Medical Association (BMA), in his monthly column for the Employer News website.

Publication:  Employer News


The Partner& Employment Webinars are back!

The fun and informative – and FREE to attend – Partners& Employment Webinars are back for 2023!  This post provides an overview of the May event, and includes details on how to book a place(s) for your organisation.

Publication:  Partners& website


Bank-holidays:  The economic impact?

There are no less than three bank-holidays (all on Mondays) during the course of May 2023.  But are so many holidays close together beneficial or detrimental to the UK economy?  The social media platform LinkedIn asked various experts – including our own Steve Herbert – to consider this question in a lively thread of comments and opinions.

Publication:  LinkedIn


Overtime & burnout

Should employees be expected to perform unpaid overtime, and if so, what are the consequences for worker health and wellbeing?  This HR Grapevine article looks at this complex issue and includes commentary from Partners&.

Publication:  HR Grapevine


Stick or twist time for the Bank of England?

A fun little item (and easy to understand analogy) from Steve Herbert.  In this – a personal opinion piece – Steve looks ahead to the Bank of England’s (BoE) May interest rate decision, and considers the challenges and risks for both the BoE and the wider economy.  Published courtesy the Business In The News website.

Publication:  Business In The News



That’s it for this month, but we will (of course) continue to update our followers with our latest posts, comments, research, and thoughts regularly.