We take a seamless approach to risk management, insurance advice and claims to ensure you receive the most efficient risk protection and most cost-effective solution.

Why does your business need an effective risk management plan?

Anyone who has ever made a business-critical decision could relate to the adage “Forewarned is forearmed”. When you’re aware of the risks you could face, you can ensure the right plans are in place to mitigate the negative impact.

We’ve partnered with Stallard Kane, one of the UK’s leading risk management companies, providing health and safety, HR and employment law advice, to ensure our clients remain safe and compliant. Their approach is simple – when they start to work with any business, they get to know the people and the way they work – so much so that they’re quickly regarded as one of the team.

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What kinds of risk might my business face?

  • People risk

As an employer you have a duty of care to your team, relating to their wellbeing, reward and absence as well as their mental and physical health. Addressing these fundamentals can ensure loyalty, improve retention and underpin your success.

  •  Operational risk

A ground up understanding of your operational process is a cornerstone of an effective insurance program. It enables improvements to be embedded and the insurer market to assess your risk more favorably. Equally important, it ensures that your insurance premium is spent wisely, managing the residual risk inherent within your business.

  • Employment risk

As your biggest asset and most challenging resource, people and their employment represent a critical aspect of leading a successful business. Obtaining the right advice is critical to navigate ever-changing legislation and procedures.

  • Cyber risk

All businesses rely on technology and data in today’s world. Understanding the ways to protect your digital estate and manage the emerging risk from cyber-crime / loss of data can be the difference between managing a crisis and being submerged by it.


Our Risk Management services

  • Health & Safety audit
  • Health & Safety management (including competent person responsibilities)
  • Range of risk management training courses – manual lifting, electrical safety at work etc.
  • Employment policy and practice
  • Cyber assessment



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