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Group Life Assurance is one of the most important insurance products you can provide for your people. It offers cover to help an employee’s family cope financially and emotionally following an untimely death. Our knowledge of the corporate life insurance market enables us to recommend the right product for you and your people.
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Why do you need Group Life Assurance?

As part of a suite of benefits, Group Life Assurance helps your people to put plans in place for that day when they may no longer be around. In our experience, it is one of the most valued benefits and very simple to implement.

The benefits

Benefits to the employer

  • Enhances your ability to retain and attract the best talent with a competitive benefits package
  • Demonstrates a genuine care for the welfare of your people
  • Reassures your people that their efforts in the workplace really count

Benefits to the employee

  • Provides peace of mind and reassurance for your people and their loved ones
  • Premiums paid on an employee’s behalf are not treated as a benefit in kind, so are not subject to income tax
  • Any lump sum payable to beneficiaries is not subject to Inheritance Tax
  • Provides an employee’s family with financial support and help should the worst happen
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Dan Cockram

Employee Benefits Director
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Dan Cockram

Employee Benefits Director