Group Income Protection provides a regular replacement income, helping to ease financial concerns during a difficult time. Our advice is based on the knowledge we have of your business today and understanding your requirements for tomorrow and the future. It’s bespoke, so can be tailored specifically for your needs. There are many providers in this market; we only work with experienced insurers who specialise in the provision of group risk benefits to obtain the best value for you and your people.

Why do you need Group Income Protection (GIP)?

Group income protection is a benefit that can help employers manage sickness and the associated costs. Rehabilitation support can help your people get back to health and back to work – reducing the length of absence and the impact on your company.

The benefit is normally calculated based on an employee’s earnings with options available to meet your specific needs and budget and the needs of your people.

Benefits to the employer

  • Enhances your benefits package to attract and retain top talent
  • Demonstrates a genuine care for staff welfare
  • Reassures your people that their efforts in the workplace really count
  • Helps you support your people during long-term absence by providing a level of income and continuing to maintain pension contributions.
  • Manages the cost of absence through earlier intervention and helping your people back to work quickly
  • Can be used on its own or combined with other benefits for a more complete solution

Benefits to the employee

  • Provides peace of mind and reassurance for your people and their loved ones
  • Your people retain a level of income if they are unable to work because of long-term illness or injury, providing a level of financial security for themselves and their dependants
  • Those receiving this benefit continue uninterrupted employment by remaining on the payroll and continuing to be entitled to certain benefits such as company pension schemes

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“Having worked with [Partners&] previously for several years, we had no hesitation in appointing them to arrange the specialist insurances required for our  business. Their knowledge, attention to detail and friendly support is proof that we definitely made the correct decision.”


David Stalker

Sports & Leisure client


At Partners& the sense of being together, and our clarity of purpose… that’s what makes the difference.


Natalie McClean

Chief People Officer


We’ve been putting off our insurance needs for far too long, and I feel we are now in safe hands.


Martyn H


We have been working with the team at Partners& for several months now and they are absolutely fantastic. The team have a wealth of knowledge and are excellent at giving us answers to
any questions we may have, promptly and when we need them. They have helped us through some changes in our business which we thought were going to be really testing but with the
expertise of the team at Partners&, these became effortless, and we now consider them essential to the management of our benefits platform, and a partner to our business. It feels great to be in good hands.


Abigail Major



One of our clients wanted a complete review of their wellbeing benefits. Emma from the Wellbeing, Health and Protection team was fantastic – she completely revised the benefit structure negotiated excellent rates with providers and advised my clients in detail and swiftly. She managed also to adjust the way she works to accommodate my client who is completely blind. We strongly recommend her. 



Wellbeing client


Thank you so much for dealing with this so quickly and efficiently. What a rare pleasure it is to come across someone who gets things done without any fuss!


Mr P

Private Client


We’re here to help you ask the right questions about group income protection, so that together, we can work on the best outcomes for you, your business and your people.

Group income protection helps ensure your people maintain a salary and overcome any hardship due to loss of income in the event they are unable to work. It enables you to bring in the skills to perform the role or service while your colleague is recuperating at a neutral cost to your business.

A valued feature on some group income protection policies is recovery and rehabilitation, which involves a professional assessment of the reasons for the illness or condition to help establish a reasonable recovery period and steps to put in place a phased return to work. It enables an employer to plan ahead and keep the business going.

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