When illness or serious injury strikes, the last thing people want to worry about is whether they can cover their expenses. Critical illness cover enables you to support your people through difficult times. We can help you to select the right level of cover for those in your business.


Why Group Critical Illness Insurance cover?

Benefits to the employer

  • Helps you to attract and retain top talent though a competitive and attractive benefits package
  • Demonstrates a genuine care for the welfare of your people
  • Reassures your people that their efforts in the workplace really count
  • Helps your people get back to health and back to work more quickly, with more people than ever surviving serious illnesses, and returning to work
  • Provides corporation tax relief on your premiums
  • Can be used on its own or combined with other benefits for a more complete solution


Benefits to your people

  • Provides a tax-free lump sum payment if diagnosed with a condition covered by the policy
  • Offers peace of mind for your people and their loved ones
  • Delivers financial support for the employee’s family, which can be used for private treatment, even if they don’t have private medical insurance

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Group Critical Illness is a benefit that is available to people who have been diagnosed with a very serious illness. Thanks to the advances of modern medical technology, such diagnoses are rare, but it’s good to know you have the cover in place.

Group Critical Illness provides a tax free lump sum payment to support you and your family when you cannot work due to a grave illness. It helps to remove the financial worries that can consume people during this difficult time, to spend the time with your loved ones.

It’s important to have this cover reviewed on a regular basis because the terms of the cover frequently change.

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