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Insurance for medtech businesses is highly specialist, and the right advice can really make a difference. Covid-19 has only accelerated digital healthcare’s surge in transforming the way we treat patients and develop cures – from artificial intelligence to remote patient monitoring and interactive telemedicine services. Our specialist medtech insurance advice is as individual as your science.

AI assisted diagnostics

Advances in medical technology are bringing more and more devices to everyday life, helping people manage health conditions such as diabetes. But what if the device fails and leads to the wrong level of drugs being taken?

Digital Healthcare

The covid-19 pandemic has increased the use of online health services, such as virtual GP appointments and wellness apps. The digital healthcare sector is growing at a rapid rate and the need for clear and robust risk management is essential to protect businesses operating in this environment.

Remote monitoring technologies

Many medical devices in everyday use in hospitals and care homes now rely on technology rather than people. From bedside monitoring equipment to surgical instruments and Online GP services, the insurance risks and challenges are complex.

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Why do you need specialist medtech insurance?

Medtech businesses bridge both the healthcare and technology sectors, so they are open to a wide range of emerging and traditional risks.

Partners& works with cutting-edge innovators across e-health, telemedicine, next-generation health apps, remote patient monitoring tools (for care homes and domestic settings), artificial intelligence, ePharmacies and bespoke medical records software.

Our expert science & technology team can help you protect your business with smart, flexible, high-performance insurance – with a friendly human approach. We understand the risks and pressures you face and we’ll support you with great advice, helping you make the right decisions for your business.

We’ll act as your advocate – negotiating terms, cover and claims with our panel of specialist underwriters.

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Usual types of cover

The risks faced by companies involved in the medtech sector are challenging. Often, these cannot be covered by standard, off-the shelf, business insurance policies.

Our specialist insurance solutions for medtech businesses includes:

If a problem arises from technology-based medical devices, treatments or diagnostic equipment, you could face a medical malpractice claim. For a medtech company, claims are likely to made directly to your business rather than an individual health professional.

Tech E&O provides cover for the supply, development, installation and maintenance of technology in healthcare delivery, as well as for breach of contract.

Cyber and privacy insurance tailored for digital healthcare companies including protection against the costs of extortion, fines and penalties, and initial breach response services.

If you operate in the medtech or digital health industry, one of the most valuable assets your business is likely to hold is your IP. Therefore it’s vital that you have the right insurance place to protect it.

If you manufacture or sell a medical device, diagnostic product or equipment you’re at risk of a compensation claim if the product causes damage or illness. Product liability insurance provides cover to protect against claims for personal injury or property/equipment damage arising from products sold by your business.

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Meet the team

Hanna Beaumont

Client Partner - Science & Technology

Paul Monaco

Client Director

Elaine Lamb

Client Director
Hanna Beaumont

Hanna Beaumont

Client Partner - Science & Technology
A fellow of the Institute of Risk Management, Hanna is a specialist in life science insurance, including clinical trials liability. From start-up to IPO and international expansion, she supports clients with advice and specialist insurance programmes to build resilience into their business planning and operations. Working across bioscience, CROs, health tech and pharmaceuticals, Hanna invests significant time working with early-stage enterprises to keep them robust and sustainable through the pressures of high growth.

Paul Monaco

Client Director
Paul has almost 30 years in the insurance industry, 22 years of which has been as an insurance adviser, specialising in providing clients with specialist advice particularly in life science and health tech.
Elaine lamb

Elaine Lamb

Client Director
Elaine Lamb specialises in arranging seamless insurance portfolios for transatlantic life science and health tech businesses.