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From pharma and biotech companies to nutraceuticals, Contract Manufacturing Organisations (CMOs), Contract Research Organisations (CROs), our specialist life science insurance team can build resilience against the challenges and risks facing your business We can tailor each solution individually according to your needs and your sphere of work. And, with international capability, we’re the insurance partner to support your growth from seedling to multinational success story.

Data security

With the ever-increasing growth of cyber-attacks, protecting the vital data you hold is crucial. Cyber insurance can be difficult to obtain at the right level for life science and pharmaceutical industries. Cyber risk management is key.

Counterfeit drugs

In 2021, over 3 million medicines & medical devices valued at more than £9million were seized by UK officers from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Authority (MHRA). Risk management is key – insurance cover can vary widely and claims considered on a case by case basis. Seeking advice from insurance specialists is key to help identify and control your exposures to such risk.

Attracting & retaining a qualified team

In today’s challenging climate, attracting and retaining talent is proving harder than ever – particularly in specialist and niche sectors such as pharma and biotech industries. Creating an environment that optimises the wellbeing and engagement of your team can help maximise performance and protect your greatest asset – your people.

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Why do you need specialist pharmaceuticals insurance?

The pharmaceuticals industry is highly dynamic and continually evolving, as are its risks and insurance needs.

Business models have transitioned towards leaner, more focused enterprises, with operations becoming more localised as firms respond to growth in developing markets. Meanwhile, the industry is subject to rigorous regulatory oversight.

To succeed, you need to understand the challenges you face at every stage of the development of your product. Having a robust insurance and risk management programme, designed by specialists that understand your world and speak your language is key. We’re here to help you build resilience and bring peace of mind.

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BPE Solicitors

BPE Solicitors

Usual types of cover

CROs provide services to the life science sector – particularly pharmaceuticals and biotechnology companies. As such, CROs are exposed to a wide range of liabilities including clinical trials and medical malpractice risks.

including complex lab and production facilities, R&D property and stock in controlled environments

including utility failures, the cost of repeating critical R&D, protection for milestone revenues, and complex supply chain disruptions

including incident response, cyber extortion and hardware replacement.

critical defence against liability in relation to products

cover for trials conducted worldwide

protecting the fruits of your innovation

must-have protection for business leaders and managers

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Meet the team

Hanna Beaumont

Client Partner - Science & Technology

Paul Monaco

Client Director
Elaine lamb

Elaine Lamb

Client Director

Hanna Beaumont

Client Partner - Science & Technology
A fellow of the Institute of Risk Management, Hanna is a specialist in life science insurance, including clinical trials liability. From start-up to IPO and international expansion, she supports clients with advice and specialist insurance programmes to build resilience into their business planning and operations. Working across bioscience, CROs, health tech and pharmaceuticals, Hanna invests significant time working with early-stage enterprises to keep them robust and sustainable through the pressures of high growth.

Paul Monaco

Client Director
Paul has almost 30 years in the insurance industry, 22 years of which has been as an insurance adviser, specialising in providing clients with specialist advice particularly in life science and health tech.

Elaine Lamb

Client Director
Elaine Lamb specialises in arranging seamless insurance portfolios for transatlantic life science and health tech businesses.