Partners& focuses on delivering high quality tailored advice for our clients in what has become a highly commoditised industry. Our Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) Chartered status is further evidence that we are a vibrant, client-centric professional organisation.

Wearing our Chartered status with pride

Attaining Chartered status is a public declaration to our professional standards. We wear our chartered badge with pride. With a focus on technical excellence, a strict code of ethics and a desire to give back to communities, the values and goals of the CII Chartered initiative are fully aligned with our approach.

We care about the way we operate as a business, and we’re committed to giving back to the communities in which we operate, promoting diversity within our business and reducing our impact on the environment. Each of these areas is sponsored by a member of the Leadership Team and our activities are celebrated across the business.

Our core values, business practices and diversity and inclusion policy are directly aligned with the CII Code of Ethics.


Providing clarity in a complex world

In today’s complex and uncertain world, we understand that high quality advice is something that is often sought, but not always found. Our mission is simple; to provide clients with the right advice to support their individual and business needs.

As a Chartered insurance broker, we have a commitment to the wider community, to do our very best in providing expert advice. Our Chartered status isn’t something we take for granted, it is something we celebrate! It sets us apart in our profession. Only 15% of the insurance broking community hold Chartered qualifications.

Promoting technical excellence

Partners& is committed to ensuring our people are supported to deliver on their potential and progress their careers. We encourage our people to achieve individual chartered status by investing in and supporting them through their continuous professional development. Partners& provides a generous study package and professional development network, from line manager support and peer-to-peer knowledge share, through to study leave allocation and a bonus reward scheme upon exam completion. We take the challenge of attaining Chartered status seriously…supporting, and ultimately enabling our committed, client-driven, and highly trained colleagues to provide the right advice.

Our values around people development and knowledge sharing are aligned with the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII). We work in partnership with the CII to access ethical learning and assessment materials, and induction materials to onboard our new professionals.


Commitment to community

Community visibility and active corporate social responsibility is a key tenet of achieving and maintaining Chartered status. Our position as Chartered brokers allows us to give back to the community, through support of CII local institute activities and forums organised by the organisation.

From the launch of the Partners& Foundation, through to our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion, we want to do what’s right for the wider community.

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