A full life is a busy life. It’s hard to compare insurance offerings – that’s why we do the shopping around and evaluation for you. We’re here to treat you as a person, not a policy. The Partners& relationship-based approach to insurance is what keeps our clients with us for the long-term. We offer a dedicated personal risk adviser who will stand shoulder to shoulder with you and your family through every step, from acquisiton to renewals and claims.

Who needs specialist home insurance?

It’s hard to keep tabs on the value of your possessions and how much to insure them for. Specialist policies offer more comprehensive cover, expert advice and often an appraisal to help ensure your cover fits like a glove.

Standard insurance is based on historical statistics. If your home doesn’t fit with “national average” profiles, you could find yourself:

  • Paying too much: many specialist insurers offer lower rates for higher value properties to reflect the care taken – history documents them as lower risk. Why pay for the neglect of others?
  • Being over-insured: the market value of some properties exceeds the rebuild value – land prices causing the price difference.
  • Significantly under-insured: how can you be expected to know the cost of replacing 18th century floor tiles?
  • Having problems getting cover: thatched, listed and properties of unusual construction are the norm for specialist insurers, and their rates reflect this.
  • Restricted by warranties: e.g. occupancy, safe and alarm clauses that can catch you out. A standard policy may not cover valuable jewellery pieces if they’re not in a safe or being worn…


Having the right insurance brings comfort and reassurance when it matters most – softening the impact of life’s misfortunes.

Why do you need specialist insurance?
  • Affluent individuals and families

  • People with multiple properties

  • Period and listed property owners

  • Art, jewellery and wine collectors

  • Performance, classic and multiple car owners

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All I can say is that I am taken aback with the speed and efficiency. The last thing one needs after an unfortunate incident is a “hassle” and aggravation with the insurance aspect. A very big thank you.


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Efficient, knowledgeable, professional service! What more could one ask for?


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Thank you so much for dealing with this so quickly and efficiently. What a rare pleasure it is to come across someone who gets things done without any fuss!


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We’ve been very impressed by your hands-on approach and your pro-activity!


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We’re here to help you ask the right questions, so that together, we can work out the best solution.

Your claim could be subject to the insurer’s application of the ‘average clause’ – talk to us about our valued ecosystem who can offer appraisals, valuations and indexation.

Many specialist policies include enhancements to mitigate the financial and psychological impact.

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