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Beyond the stamp

For modern collectors, peace of mind is priceless. As your collections become more important, so does your insurance.

People have been collecting coins, stamps and antiques for hundreds of years. These age old pastimes have been the hobby that brings endless joy and fascination for so many. Today, there a lot of new options for budding collectors.

Pop and sport memorabilia collecting has rocketed in popularity over the past half century, but more unusual choices have attracted interest, and hence value, in the collectibles market. From video games and the vinyl revival or the enduring allure of books or militaria, ensuring your collections are properly protected will safeguard these valuables for generations to come.

The key is understanding what you have and its current value. Then you can make a decision whether to include the items in your standard home policy or whether you would be safer with a stand alone policy specifically designed for you.

As a recent example of a collectors item selling for high see this story recently published by the BBC: Harry Potter book bought for 30p sells in Lichfield for £10,500

Speak with our collections team to discuss your items and what would be the best course of action for you.