Demystifying the energy market and achieving significant savings on energy costs

Partners& Ecosystem Partner, Experienced Energy Solutions, saved one of our clients over £9,000 on their previous energy contract. 

Experienced Energy Solutions (EES) supports businesses navigate the complex and sometimes confusing energy market. With an abundance of tariffs, suppliers, contracts, energy efficiency schemes and net zero/carbon reduction targets, EES use over 30 years’ combined industry experience to help clients make sense of it all – and save money. 

Here’s how: 


We work in collaboration with our clients to help them to identify the risks they face and build resilience into their business – it’s what we call The Partners& Difference.  

During our regular discussions with Oxford Medical Products, it became apparent that increasing costs and expenses were a challenge for the business as it continued to grow. Managing these costs was a key part of their business plans and one particular area for concern was the cost of their energy usage. 

Paul Monaco, Client Director at Partners&, introduced Oxford Medical Products to EES to see if they could help. 


The team at Oxford Medical Products obtained the information relating to their energy consumption and spend from their current provider, and shared this with EES to explore whether a fixed contract would enable them to save on their current costs.  

The team at EES provided several options from different providers – each offering a significant saving on the current spend. But more than just providing a cost comparison service – they helped Oxford Medical Products understand each of the tariffs, cost savings and any tie-ins or other terms and conditions.  

Oxford Medical Products ultimately stayed with their existing provider – however by engaging the services of EES, they saved 1/3 on their current energy contract – over £9,000. 


EES pride themselves on their ability to add value for their clients by helping them better understand and navigate the ever-changing energy market.  

Oxford Medical Products is a great example of one of their many clients who have been able to achieve a significant reduction on their energy bills via the robust tender process provided by EES.

Thank you Partners& for the introduction to Experienced Energy Solutions! It was a super simple process. The only sticking point was getting the information from our existing provider, which always seems to be the case. The comparison was easy to understand and the change was effected quickly, so a big plus for us. A big thank you to EES.
Dr Richard Parsons, Chief Financial Officer – Oxford Medical Products