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Do you know who your key people are?

Key people come in all shapes and sizes – ultimately, they are the people on whom the business is dependent in some way.

Take a moment to look inside your business and think about who you really rely on. The gauge will show how key they are to your organisation and if you click on the result button the consequences of that person leaving the business can be seen.

Key person identifiers:

1. Do they contribute to/ set the strategic direction of the business?
2. Do they maintain/ manage critical running of the business?
3. Do they have a major impact or influence on revenue/ profit?
4. Do they hold key relationships with third parties (banks, suppliers or key clients)
5. Would their loss result in detrimental uncertainty or lack of confidence within these relationships?
6. Do they hold sole responsibility for certain aspects of operations?
7. Are their skills or expertise hard to replace?
8. Does preparation for their annual leave require thorough planning?
9. Would their unexpected absence cause significant strain on the business?
10. Are they the only individual trained/ capable of using a particular system or software?
11. Do they lead on or significantly contribute to the business’ intellectual property/ product development?


The first step to protecting your business and key people is to connect with one of our dedicated people risk advisers, who can help you put an appropriate strategy in place to protect your business.