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Location, location, location…

Whether you are looking to find your first gym space or planning to expand, did you know that the location can affect your insurance premiums – resulting in higher premiums or not being insurable at all.

Our aim is offer the best advice to business owners. By using our post coder check service we can help you discover if your new location falls under a flood risk area or is prone to break ins, which could result in your insurance premiums being higher or declined for a quote.

Along with location checks, before purchasing or renting a space have you considered?

Accessibility and Parking

Determine if the property has sufficient parking space and if it complies with accessibility regulations. Convenient parking can significantly impact customer satisfaction.

Renovation and Maintenance Costs

Assess the condition of the property and estimate any necessary renovation or remodelling costs. Consider the cost of maintenance and any potential repairs that may arise in the future.

Utilities and Amenities

Verify the availability and capacity of essential utilities such as water, electricity, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC). Additionally, consider amenities that can enhance the gym experience, such as showers, locker rooms, and functional training areas.

Lease or Purchase Terms

If you are not buying the property outright, review the lease agreement terms carefully. Ensure that the lease duration, rent costs, renewal options, and any special provisions align with your long-term business goals.

Future Growth Potential

Consider the area’s potential for population growth, economic development, and changes in demographics over time. An evolving community can offer opportunities for business expansion and increased membership.

Space and Layout

Ensure that the property offers enough square footage to accommodate your desired gym layout, equipment, changing rooms, reception area, and any additional facilities you plan to include. Consider future expansion possibilities as well.

Council permits and regulations

Check local requirements and ensure that the property has the right permits for a fitness facility. Determine what permits and licenses are necessary to operate a gym in that location.

If you have any further questions or require assistance, please feel free to reach to our team.