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Our plan to deliver an enhanced proposition based on client feedback

When we launched our first Investor in Customers (IIC) survey in May 2020, our aim was to gain an understanding of what our clients think about working with Partners&, identify areas of improvement and build a plan to deliver an enhanced proposition based on client feedback.

The great news from each of the IIC surveys we have undertaken is that, despite all that has gone on in the economy and the world at large, our clients really value the service and advice we provide, reflected in two consecutive Gold awards.

As a business created to set a new standard for service and risk advice, this means the world to us, although we are determined not to rest on our laurels. One of my favourite sayings is “feedback is a gift”, so there is no doubt, we would be missing an opportunity to improve if we didn’t listen to, and act upon, the feedback our clients have shared with us.

Having distilled and analysed the feedback, we have created an action plan to address salient points and to improve the way we engage with our clients.

On our client experience page, we outline what we have done and share what this means for our clients. We’re excited to share the results, and to thank our clients for being part of our journey to build and shape, what we hope will continue to be the best insurance advisory business in the UK.